How to Get a Malaysian Car & Motorcycle Driving License

This article was written back in 11th April 2009 when I first started writing tips on how to obtain a Malaysian driving license.

The idea is to help driving students to secure their driving license in the shortest time possible.

With the passage of time, many changes have occurred in the Malaysian driving school industry.

As such in 2017, a revision to this entire article is required.

To apply for a Malaysian driving license, these are the criteria you need to know.

The Age Limit For Different Class License In Malaysia

First, you have to know the age limits to get a driving license in Malaysia.

Malaysian who have attained the age of 16 can obtain a B2 (motorcycle).

To obtain a D (car) license, you would have to be 17 years old and above.

Those wanting to get an E (lorry) and H (tractor) licenses must be 21 years or above.

Those who want to get the above three classes of license must first of all pass the Highway Code test.

The Highway Code exam is conducted in either English or Bahasa Malaysia.

To learn the 10 tips to pass the Highway Code test, CLICK HERE.

The Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) also conducts test in oral for those are not too proficient in the above two languages.

For those in the above category, do seek the assistance of a good driving instructor or a reputable driving institute near you.

For Class B2 & B Full License Students

Having passed the Highway Code, those who are interested to get a motorcycle licence, an “L” or the Probationary Driver’s License (PDL) can be taken out at any branch of the JPJ.

The PDL will allow you to begin learning how to ride a motorcycle at any driving institute you’ve registered with.

Under the new JPJ regulations of learning motorcycle, only “driving institutes” have the required personnel (SPIM) holders to train you on how to ride a bike.

The institute will provide amenities such as new motorbikes, luminous motorcycle vests, helmets and most important of all the motorcycle circuits or litar required to conduct training for the learning of motorcycle handling.

For your information, the institute to which I am presently attached to has a Superbike (501 cc and above) and also a 3 wheeled motorcycle to train handicapped or OKU riders too.

Learning of all classes of motorcycles requires the “thumb-printing” process of all the potential learners, that is the students as well as the instructors.

With the thumb-printing process, driving institutes can now log the exact hours of learning your have done in the training circuit with your PDL.

Suffice to say, all driving institutes in Malaysia are fully computerised as far as motorcycle learning is concerned.

When you have fulfill the training requirement, a student has to undergo a QTI or pra-ujian conducted by the