Driving Made Easy Book
It's here finally! The first book in Malaysia specially for Malaysian looking for information on how to secure a car or motorcycle driving license.

Driving Made Easy: Everything New Drivers Need To Know But Don't Know Who To Ask was written by Cikgu Yap to impart his 40+ years of experience in the Malaysian driving school industry to all new driving students.

All of us went through this brief period in our lives. We reached the age when we are legally allowed to drive a vehicle either a motorcycle or a car. When a person wants to learn how to drive, where does he or she go to get the right information?

Well, the Driving Made Easy book by Cikgu Yap will answer all of your questions on getting a Malaysian driving license.

Some of the topics covered inside the book are:

- How to obtain a Malaysian Driving License

- Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) Undang-undang Test passing tips

- 11 Key components of a manual car

- 10 Ways of passing your JPJ road test

- How not to fail in your JPJ road test

- Tips on how to pass the B2 (250cc) motorcycle test

- Understanding the Demerit System or Sistem Kejara

- How your probationary driving license can be suspended

Driving Made Easy by Cikgu Yap book is now available in MPH bookstores nationwide. You can even order the book online and have it delivered to your doorstep. Click on the link below to order the book online now.

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