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PM’s Call To Bank Negara Hailed By The Consumer Association of Penang

The proposed new basic motor insurance coverage for third party injuries and deaths involved so many interested parties. Consumer associations, the public at large and especially drivers of old cars, which normally are covered by 3rd party insurance coverage. The number involved in the above scheme may run into thousands, if not millions of people. [...]

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Final Day To Submit Insurance Reply To Bank Negara

Under the provisions of the basic motor insurance, a vehicle, be it a motorcycle, cars, lorries and buses, it is compulsory to have such coverage before the Road Transport Department issues a road tax. The above is provided for under the Road Transport Act of 1987. Since 2 or 3 years back, motorists, especially owners [...]

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3rd Party Insurance Rate For Old Vehicles

Only July 7th 2009, the Star newspaper announced a new tariff for 3rd party insurance is being drawn following insurance companies refusal to offer coverage to vehicles that are more than 10 years old. When the government announced its intention to do away with its decision to scrap its policy of making it compulsory for [...]

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