Selling Off An Old Car – This Is What I’ve Learnt

A kampong or village friend of mine once sold off his 2nd hand vehicle. You may not believe it, more than 18 years later, the said car was still in his name.

Isn’t there a law in Malaysia that says, “a vehicle that is sold must have its ownership transferred within 7 days duration”?

Well, that’s what the Road Transport Act 1987 stipulates. A friend of mine, Mr Ong, now nearing 65, experienced this bizarre and unbelievable tale.

I believe, “things always happen to other, and never to me”. Until they happened to me itself.

Want to know what exactly took place? How did such incident took place? Continues reading and find out.

A few years ago, I befriended a young Indonesian couple, Rahmat and his wife. The husband was a very hard working odd job contractor, while his wife worked for a well known chicken rice shop in Klang.

To be frank with you, Rahmat could do almost anything. Once, he even repaired my solar water heater and repaired my old shoes cabinet which incidentally about to be discarded.

Cutting overgrown branches of my mango as well as rambutan trees were amongst some of the other invaluable services which my friend rendered to me. In short, Rahmat was to be a good friend who could be depended upon to perform many odd jobs which a household requires.

However, as the saying “all good things must come to an end one fine day”. Unfortunately, this was exactly what was to happen in the later stages of our friendship. This Indon boy was destined to be enrolled in my driving school establishment sooner or later.

His not having a Malaysian driving license led him to many encounters with the authorities, both the police and the Road Transport Department. And finally, Rahmat made a wise decision to try to get both his motorcycle and car licenses with me.

But Rahmat, in fact faced an uphill task in his quest. You see, they boy had to overcome the Bahasa Malaysia computer Highway Code first. Surprisingly, he being an industrious man that he was, was to finally get through all the tests secure both his B2 (motor) and D (car) licenses eventually.

It would not be incorrect for me to say Rahmat’s gains was to end up as being my loss instead. That was when he began having eyes on my old Perodua Kancil lying forlorn under my rambutan tree.

All me to tell you a little bit about the above Kancil. Incidentally, the car was purchased for RM16,000. The car was meant to be my mode of transport when I decides to finally hang up my boots after my instructing days come to end.

To cut the long story short, my Indonesian friend incessantly pleaded me to sell my beloved Kancil to him. And that I finally did. For RM3000, inclusive of transfer. I must readily admit, must be one of the biggest mistake of my life.

Even before the transfer process of the car could be executed by the Puspakom and Road Transport Department could be over, Rahmat, he new owner of my Kancil, chalked up a total of 3 summonses. One issued by the Police and 2 by JPJ.

The JPJ summonses were for beating the traffic light and the other for overtaking on the left or using the road shoulder. Both RM300 fines!

Effort to get my friend to settle summons, especially those by the JPJ, failed. Constant letters of summons addressed to me, gave me and my wife, tremendous headaches. The Kancil, you see was registered under my wife’s name.

To make thing worst, Rahmat and his wife had finally moved to Subang Jaya. Phone calls from me to him were ignored!

It looks as if the owner had finally decided not to adhere to settling the authorities threats of actions. Well, as every driver knows, the latest Op Sikap campaign by the PDRM, to nab errant drivers for non-payment of summonses, finally led me making a decision.

I was eventually led into making what all along was something I hated making. And that is, having to make a visit to the Road Transport Department summons enforcement department located in Padang Jawa, Selangor.

I made my trip there on 1st June 2015.

Although I have to wait for more than 1 hour, before getting the opportunity to meet a senior officer of the department In the interview, it was in fact worth the while, so to say.

Rahmats problems which I faced was finally settled. On the other hand, my encounter with the Senior JPJ lady officer was fruitful and enlightening. I would say I gained quite a lot of information and knowledge from the above officer.

The new things pertaining to laws, regarding the transport industry I gathered during the 1 ½ hour interview benefited me tremendously.

And I finally left the JPJ premises at 2:30 pm feeling much enlightened. A heavy load had finally been lifted from my shoulders, as they say. The JPJ will now blacklist the Kancil.

To JPJ, allow me to express my heartfelt thanks. Once again thank you! You have been of tremendous assistance.

Maybe readers would like to know in a nutshell, what my mission in paying a visit to the JPJ was. My wife, was the registered owner of the Kancil when it was disposed.

The new owner, in this case, Rahmat, had committed infringements and received a few summons for it. This instructor, the hubby to my wife had represented her at the inquiry at the Road Transport Department recently. I had to divulge to the JPJ the identity of the new Kancil owner who had been committing one infringement after another.

5 Langkah E Rayuan JPJ Untuk Lesen Tamat Tempoh

Adakah lesen memandu kereta atau motorsikal anda sudah tamat tempoh?

Jika lesen anda sudah tamat tempoh melebihi 3 tahun, anda boleh membuat rayuan di laman JPJ untuk menghiduplan lesen anda.

Tetapi, untuk menghidupkan lesen yang sudah mati, JPJ memerlukan anda memenuhi beberapa syarat. Anda mungkin di kehendaki mengambil semula sebahagian ujian memandu.

Walaubagaimanapun, langkah pertama ialah menghantar rayuan rasmi kepada JPJ.

E Rayuan JPJ

Untuk membuat rayuan secara online amatlah mudah. Anda hanya perlu mengikuti langkah-langkah di bawah.

Langkah 1

E Rayuan JPJ
Pergi ke laman web JPJ untuk membuat E rayuan:

Artikal ini di tulis bulan Jun 2015. Pada masa ini, link E rayuan JPJ adalah aktif.

Pada masa depan, link JPJ E rayuan mungkin di tukar. Kalau begitu, anda hanya perlu gunakan Google untuk mencari link baru.

Langkah 2

Langkah seterusnya ialah memilih kategori ID anda. Kategori-kategori adalah:

1) Penduduk / Pemastautin Sementara (MYKAS)
2) Penduduk Tetap Malaysia (PTM)
3) Orang Awam Malaysia (MyKad)
4) Anggota Polis (POL)
5) Anggota Tentera (TEN)
6) Bukan Warga Negara Malaysia (LLN)

Langkah 3

Selepas memilhi kategori ID anda, anda di kehendaki memilih jenis lesen anda. Anda boleh pilih:

1) Lesen Memandu Kempeten (CDL)
2) Lesen Memandu Konduktor (CON)
3) Lesen Memandu Barangan (GDL)
4) Lesen Memandu Percubaan (PDL)
5) Lesen Memandu Perkhidmatan Awam (PSV)

Langkah 4

Seterusnya, masukkan number ID anda. Jika anda memilih kategori Orang Awam Malaysia dan jenis lesen CDL, terus masukkan number IC anda.

Selepas itu, masuk Kod Sekuriti yang di tunjukkan.


Langkah 5

Selepas menyeman butir-butir yang di masukkan, klik butang “Semak”.

Laman JPJ akan menunjukkan butir lesen anda yang sudah tamat tempoh. Seterusnya, anda boleh menghantar rayuan rasmi kepada JPJ.

How To Check Traffic Summons Online In Malaysia

Do you have outstanding traffic summons?

Recently, Polis Di Raja Malaysia (PDRM) is going out to apprehend traffic offenders in Malaysia who has outstanding traffic summonses. One way of knowing if you have traffic summonses is to check them on MyEg portal.

In this article, I’ll run through 5 easy steps to check for your traffic summonses online.

Step 1

Go to MyEg official web site at

MyEg Official Page

Step 2

Next, click on the “Don’t Have an account? Register…” link at the right corner.

Step 3

When you are at the registration page, go ahead and register for an account. Registration is free of charge.

You can register for an individual or a company account. Enter all your personal information and then click on the “Submit” button to continue.

When you’ve done that, you will be getting a confirmation email sent to your email address. Click on the email confirmation link to activate your account.

Step 4

When you are in your MyEg account main page, there are multiple services you can choose from . Click on the “PDRM & Payment” button.


Step 5

Now, you will be directed to PDRM Summon Service page.


Next step is to search for your summons. You can do the search using your:

1) IC number

2) Passport

3) Company registration number

4) Vehicle number

Next, enter the security word…just type on the alphabet or number you see on the screen. Click on the “Check Summons” button to proceed.

The search process will take a couple of seconds. If you have outstanding summonses, you will see a listing.

If there is no search results, congratulations, that means you don’t have any traffic summonses.

There you have! 5 easy simple steps to check for your traffic summonses online.