If I Were a Millionaire, What Would I Do?

In Malaysia, in the Hokkien singing arena, exists a well known and lively song, entitled “If I Were a Millionaire”.

The singer goes on to fantasies what he would do if he were to become a millionaire one day. Among his dreams if it were to come true, is to travel in a posh airline. And of course, buy an air con too.

Like everyone else, this humble driving school instructor, also has dreams and fantasies. After all, it’s not wrong to “build castles in the air”, so to say.

Winning a jackpot at the casino Genting, striking it big at 4D lottery or even a Social Welfare draw, represents one of my dreams. I may or may not see my dreams come to pass.

Even though the above may seem a one in a million chance, nevertheless, the possibility is always there! Only God knows. Only He determines our fate, I believe.

In the mean time, we have to wait and be patient. Being the kind hearted person that I happen to be, my wife, Mary, is of the opinion that should I happen to strike it rich one day, I wouldn’t be a millionaire for too long.

You see, I care too much for mankind, for the poor and destitute, the forlorn and the suffering. From day one, when and if I become a millionaire, I would begin dishing out aids and donations to one and all.

Didn’t I tell you what kind of person I am right from the beginning?

Before I continue any further, let me divulge to you one thing. As a school boy way back in the 1960’s or 70’s, I once wrote to Madame Zalora in England, I think, asking her about my life and what sort of person I actually was. Her reply to me was straight and simple.

“You”, she advised, will not see fortune easily, because you have a heart that is as big as a “house”. You in fact if far too kind hearted to become a rich person or a millionaire”, so to say.

Now, you know why my spouse holds to her conviction regarding myself.

Before continuing any further with this empirical episode about anyone becoming a millionaire and what not, allow me to relate you a real life story that happened to me.

In the 1980’s, when I was in my Klang primary school days, in ACS Primary school then, my football master, a Mr TS Kon from Kuala Lumpur, who was a humble and kind hearted sort of guy, was said to have been lucky and struck it rich in the lotteries. The above master was said to have won the 3rd prize Social Welfare Lottery draw, winning, believe it or not, a sum or one hundred thousand ringgit.

The sum may not seem very much to you and I, but do not fait to forget, during the days of 1960’s and 70’s, it was a lot of money though!

Being the prudent and wise person that he was, Mr Kon gave up his teaching practice. He then venture into the printing industry, to be exact the Preston Times, Petaling Jaya.

He was said to have done fairly well. Later on, my master then bought over a lot of shares in Guiness Stout beer industry in Sungei Way.

One more thing, I should rightly let you know is, that my footballer master, I believe, was not too bother about striking it rich, but was more interested in chasing his other dream, which actually was his bubbly, short haired damsel, Rosie, whom he fancied very much.

But as they say, God decide to do things otherwise.

Now, let’s come back to those episode of what I’ll do if I were to become a millionaire one day.

1) Extending assistance to sibling and family.

Coming from a father poor family, with a lorry driver father, my younger days at Teluk Pulai Road in Kampung Martin, to be exact, my siblings, comprising of 3 brothers and a sister, and of course mum, went through a difficult and hard life.

So, it is only right and appropriate that the very first thing I’ll do, if I become a millionaire, is to extend assistance to my siblings. At least, as a brother, to try to lighten the financial burden they have been laden with all these while.

Many people who have struck it rich at the lotteries, win a jackpot or the Social Welfare draw, will, I believe, not hesitate to buy a big house, a big luxurious car, go for an expensive holiday, or even visit the night clubs and what not. But this instructor isn’t like that.

Instead, I will …

2) Donations to be handed to schools and charitable organisations.

Donation to charity organisations will be made. Help to the above organisations will be rendered.

Schools, like my alma mater (ACS), High School Klang, Sultan Abdul Samad, the MGS and Convert Klang and other deserving schools will surely get a share of my donations.

Charitable organizations, the Red Crescent, St. John Ambulance Brigade, Scouting bodies like the 5th Klang Group (ACS) and the 1st Klang Group of High School Klang, will deservedly get my attention, let me tell you.

3) Donations to be handed to churches, temples and Muslim welfare homes and mosques and surau will also be given assistance.

Without a doubt, temples, churches, mosques and all charitable and welfare homes will stand to gain, should I become a millionaire one fine day.

4) Poor folks and families.

There surely must be many poor families in the vicinity of Klang town. Families, who find it difficult to buy their children’s books, pay bus fares, have insufficient money for school tuck shops , meals, buy school shoes and socks for their going children, do not fail to contact this “would be millionaire”.

Don’t forget, they say, it’s easier said than done. After all, how do you know what to say here will be carried out? Unless the Almighty God does what is rightly to be done.

I can go on and on, but as they say, I’ll will first have to strike it rich, and as the famous Hokkien song says, for the moment, I’ll only dream and retort “If I were to become a millionaire, what will I do!”

In the meantime, wish me good luck!

Best of luck to yourself too. Who knows, you might become rich before I do. Why not think carefully about what I have reiterated here in this episode. Anyway, it is worthwhile dream. Think about it, you have nothing to lose but all to gain.

I am the opinion that if ever God decides to alter your life, he surely must wish that you become a good person and expects your to do worthwhile things in your lifetime.

SelangorKu Bus Service – We Are Proud Of It!

Since taking over control, the Selangor government, under the former Chief Minister of Khalid Ibrahim and the current Chief Minister Datuk Seri Azmin Ali, introduced several projects for the benefit of the Selangor people.

Amongst the Pakatan Rakyat’s good governance, the state government’s coffers are no longer in the red. Projects like the “free water scheme”, “housing projects”, including low cost houses which people can see coming up in nearby Klang town, in Setia Alam are proofs to the people of Selangor of PKR’s success.

For anyone to claim that Azmin Ali’s government has done all good and nothing bad is certainly incorrect! Take a drive in the night and you’ll certainly see this Bandar Di Raja of Klang enveloped in semi total darkness.

In a way, I agree with anyone such a shameful thing shouldn’t happen at all. Anyway, this is what politics is all about.

People say, “in life, nothing actually is free nowdays”. But do tarry a while this popular English saying might soon be outdated.

Do you know that even if you wish to urinate, you’ll have to pay some 30 to 50 cents for the usage of the public toilets?

But are many people aware that the Selangor government has introduced the free Bas Selangorku service in certain parts of the state such as in Majlis Perbandaran Klang (MPK), Subang Jaya and Majlis Bandaran Shah Alam (MBSA).

People in the above areas can now enjoy free bus rides from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm at night daily.

In Klang, I have seen 2 or 3 new My Selangor Bus stationed at the Klang bus station waiting to ferry people. And the buses are all new ones.

Amongst other things the buses can:
1) Carry 60 passengers.
2) Friend to OKU.
3) Seats are comfortable.
4) The buses also provide Wifi system to passengers too.

Well, what more can you expect.

Syabas and congratulations to Datuk Seri Azmin. Keep up the good work. Well done!

This short article will touch upon on the Selangorku service for MPK only. Efforts to explain the services of other areas such as MBSA and MBSJ will be dealt with at a later stage eventually.

To inform readers about this Selangorku services, people are remaided that the above bus service begins from Wisma Hafiz, Jalan Batu 3 Lama, and if meanders through the royal town and finally ends at its last stop at S.R. Kong Hoe Chinese school in Jalan Batu 3 Lama.

Should readers need any further information, do call 03-3375-5555 or 1-800-88-23826.

Well then, what are you still waiting for. The Selangorku buses are easily recognizable. It is painted in the famous Selangor colours of yellow and red.

Bus Selangorku, as a resident of Selangor, I sure am proud of it! After all, how many states have it anyway.

Is An Eye Test Required To Get a Driving License?

Is an eye test required to get a driving license in Malaysia?

The answer is No!

But one has to possess good vision, nevertheless.

When sitting for the Highway Code exam, potential candidates face an 8 question “Colour Blind Test”. Fail it, and your problems then begins.

Drivers and riders face many eye problems, amongst them “astigmatism” where the eye is splitting lights and short sightedness.

Older drivers nowadays may have cataract problems. What is cataract problem anyway?

As one gets on with age, our vision or our ability to see, deteriorate. A well known eye centre explains cataract condition as being an aging eye condition.

The cornea or lens of our eyes become blur. Vision then becomes poor.

If a driver is affected by the above eye condition, it is best to get immediate medical attention.

Today eye medical centres such as the Hussien Onn Medical Centre, the Selayang Hospital, Sunway Medical etc are places where one can easily seek help for cataract problems.

But is the public aware that in Klang, the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah General Hospital is rather well known nowadays for its eye operation services to the residents of the royal town of Klang and its surrounding areas?

I recently underwent a cataract eye operation at the Wad Mata or Eye Ward of the above mentioned hospital.

To be fair, I have nothing but praises all round for the services provided. The nurses, the eye specialist and everyone concerned should be commended.

Bravo, I should say!

On the 15th January 2016, I will have another appointment with the Indian lady eye specialist at the Tengku Ampuan General Hospital. After that if everything goes well, the doctor will then set the date to remove the stitches of the said operation.

To end this short article on my cataract episode, I have however to make one pertinent complaint about the Klang General Hospital though. The Wad Mata is far too cold…for me anyway.

And my wad colleague, Mr Chia from Pulau Ketam, I’m certain will also share my contention too.