If prior to the pre-Merdeka days, we used to follow the British style when providing driving tuition to potential drivers. Today, the industry and its “curriculum” tend to follow the Australian method.

The “Defensive Driving” or “Panduan Berhemat” in reality is an Australian concept of driving. It has proven to be an effective method in curbing accidents, especially in its country of origin.

Amongst the many rules and regulations of defensive driving is the use of the “P” stickers. But Malaysian “P” drivers are actually a lucky lot compared to Australian ones.

Australian “P” drivers, amongst other things are not allowed to:

i) Drive alone – During the probation period (2 years). They must be an experienced driver beside them.

ii) Drive at night.

iii) Must undergo another practical test after 1 year to ascertain their capability to drive.

iv) The necessity to stick “P” stickers in front and at the rear remains.

“P” probation period is 2 years. Newly “passed” drivers for Class B2 (Motorcycle) and D (Cars) have to have the “P” emblem displayed in front and at the rear of their vehicles.

Failure to do so might result in the authorities giving you a “Summon”. Getting such a summon is getting 10 Demerit Points, resulting in your license being suspended.

What is the colour of the “P” Sticker, one may ask. Car “P” stickers are slightly larger compared to motorcycle “P” stickers, where are smaller. Use the correct sized stickers or you will end up in trouble with the authorities. “P” stickers have the alphabet “P” in White with a Red background.

What must “P” drivers do during the 2 years probationary period?

a) Maintain a 0.00 alcohol content in their blood / urine / breath.

b) Have their “P” license along while driving.

c) Ensure “P” plates / sticker are affixed in front and at the rear of their vehicle.

What happens if your car has only 1 “P” sticker and you are unlucky to be stopped by the Police , J.P.J. or other authorities?

Well, its still an Offense. Believe me. I know because a “P” student of mine got a summon for it. He failed to realize the rear “P” of his vehicle had dropped off. The maxim seem to be – “Ignorance Is No Excuse”.

Use the “P” sticker till your probationary period is over (2 years). Then convert your “P” license into C.D.L. (Competent Drivers’ License) within 1 year.

Some students ask: “What happens if I’m using a motorcycle “P” for 6 months and then I get a car license?” Well, you will have put the “P” on for another 1 1/2 years (18 months).

What happens if a person has been using a “P” license for motorcycle for already 2 years and then get a D or car license? In this case, you need not drive a car with a “P”. Your “P” days are over.

There are some who find it difficult to get the “P” stickers. Actually, you can get them from:

i) Motorcycle shops.

ii) Spare parts shops.

iii) Bookshops even;

iv) From your Instructor himself.

v) From van selling “Driving School” material which comes on Test day.

And I might even chip in to help you. Click on the Contact the Author link above. Seeing you getting your “P” is better than seeing you get into trouble with the law.

To those of you who wish to know how to change your “P” license to C.D.L. (Competent Drivers’ License), the things required are:

i) Bring your MyKad.

ii) Supply 1 colour photo.

iii) Bring your “P” original license.

iv) 1 year renewal (RM30). Renewal can be made for up to 5 years.

v) Go to the nearest J.P.J. office to do the above.

vi) Your “P” license Cannot be done at the Post Office nor the MyEg agency.