Here’s the scenario, you have a Malaysian driving license and you are a busy person.

One fine day, you decided to look at your license, and it is going to expire soon. It’s time to get it renewed.

Should you go to the post office, J.P.J. office or asked a friend to help you to renew the license?

None of the above…

Malaysia is slowly but surely moving with the times. Some of the government services can be done through the internet. License renewal for example.

There is a portal call MyEG, owned by MyEG Services Berhad, where you can renew your driving license online. You can find them at

MyEG Official Web site

MyEG Official Website

More Then Just Renewing Driving Licence Online

At MyEG, you can do more then just renew your Malaysian driving license online. The services offered include:

Kuala Lumpur City Hall or Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur – Assessment and compound payment.

Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) – Check your demerit points under the Sistem Keraja or The Demerit Point Award System.

You can also do your summons enquiry, road tax renewal, LDL application, driving license renewal and temporary and permanent vehicle ownership transfer.

Immigration Department of Malaysia – You can renew your Foreign Worker PL (KS) permit online and also maid working permit renewal.

Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) – You can check and pay for your police summonses.

National Registration Department – For Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN), you can request for a replacement for your MyKad when it is lost, normal replacement or damaged / chip replacement.

However, MyEG do not deliver MyKad.

Instead have to personally proceed to the counter as chosen during the application to collect and verify your thumbprint.

Zakat – You can do you assessment and payment of zakat on personal income, savings, shares, EPF, gold and zakat on business (company) on the MyEG portal.

Malaysia Department of Insolvency (MDI) – For this service, you can check to identify the bankruptcy status of individuals and liquidation status of companies from the E-Insolvency Database.

Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ)

Surprisingly, some people do not know such service existed. Nonetheless, here are some Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) about MyEG services.

1) Do I need to register with MyEG for Driving License Renewal?

No. All you have to do is click on the Driving License Renewal link on the top right at the web site.

2) When is the effective date of my renewed license once I renew the license online?

Your renewed license will be effective according to the expiry date as stated on your current license.

3) What vehicles classes does MyEG offer for the License Renewal?

The common classes the portal process are D Class (for car) and B Classes (motorcycles).

They also offer all Vehicle Classes Renewal from JPJ.

4) If I own a Probation Driving License. Can I renew my driving license at MyEG?

For PDL holders, the license must be referred back to JPJ. MyEG only caters the renewal of Driving License services.

5) Can I apply for International License with MyEG Services?

International Licenses can only be renewed with JPJ. You have to proceed to your nearest JPJ Office for this renewal process.

6) How do I get the renewal slip?

There are 3 methods in obtaining the renewal slip:

  • Delivered to your address
  • Collection at MyEG e-services centers
  • Loading the renewed license information in MyKad

7) How long does it take to get the renewal slip if I choose the Delivery method?

The Renewal Slip will be delivered to your address within 5 working days.

8) How do I make payment for the online Driving License Renewal with MyEG?

  • Credit Card
  • FPX (Direct deduction from your bank account)
  • E-Cash accounts (Driving Institutes only)

9) What is the longest renewal period I can do with MyEG Services?

The maximum renewal period to renew your license is 5 years.

10) Do I have to submit any photographs to renew the license online?

No. MyEG do not require any photographs to be accompanied when you do your driving license renewal.

The slip produced will be the same as you can obtain from the Post Office.

11) I tried to renew my license today because my license has expired today, but I can’t proceed for the renewal. Why?

It is recommended for you to renew before or after the expiry date but NOT on your expiry date. This is because JPJ updates all expired licenses daily and your request will be rejected for renewal.

12) I haven’t renewed my license for 4 years and I plan to renew my license with MyEG Services. Can I proceed with the renewal?

If you have not renewed your license for more than 3 years, you need to re-apply your license at J.P.J.

I hope this blog post will be useful if you are planning to renew your driving license online.