Renewing C.D.L. And L.D.L. License

How C.D.L (Competent Drivers’ License) and L.D.L. (Learner Drivers’ License) Holders Can Renew Their Licenses and Road Tax
We normally assume that most drivers have the assistance of driving schools or institutes to depend on when coming to the question of renewing licenses and road tax. This assumption is wrong.

From the question asked of this […]

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Renew Your Malaysia Driving License Online | 2017 Edition

Here’s the scenario, you have a Malaysian driving license and you are a busy person.

One fine day, you decided to look at your license, and it is going to expire soon. It’s time to get it renewed.

Should you go to the post office, J.P.J. office or asked a friend to help you to renew the […]

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