Renewing C.D.L. And L.D.L. License

How C.D.L (Competent Drivers’ License) and L.D.L. (Learner Drivers’ License) Holders Can Renew Their Licenses and Road Tax

We normally assume that most drivers have the assistance of driving schools or institutes to depend on when coming to the question of renewing licenses and . This assumption is wrong. From the question asked of this blog, there are many who are at a loss with regards to this annual problem.

As such, to write an article solely to assist this particular group of people has always been there.

Irregardless of whether you have any problem or otherwise, please continue reading as extra knowledge gained never a loss.

To renew the L.D.L. (Learner Drivers’ License) for D cost RM30. You can also renew it for 6 months or RM60. B2 (Motorcycle) will cost you RM20 while RM40 you can renew it for 6 months.

Where can you renew the above license? Well, there are a few places you can get it renewed. You could go to a few locations namely:

i) MyEG Computer Centers.

ii) The Post Offices

iii) J.P.J. Office.

iv) Even at some Institutes.

If you use the services of an agent or “runner”, you’ll have pay a fee of anything from RM5 to RM10. If you go personally to the places mentioned, then you’ll probably save a few Ringgit.

One important thing I’d like warn you of. Ensure the “L” (L.D.L.) payment slip has an “emblem” red “L” on it. Should no such “L” appear on your payment slip, then it appears that payment slips is intended for C.D.L. (Competent Drivers’ License). Have it rectified before leaving whichever office or Post Office you have gone to.

How long does it take for an “L” or “C.D.L.” license to be renewed. Normally if you hand it to the “runner” in the morning, it should be ready for collection in the evening.

What do you do in the meantime? Can I ride or drive without my license, some ask. It’s best you have a photo copy of your original license.

If at all you are to meet a police officer, you could probably be able to show the photo copy to him. To accept or not the photo copy as proof that you have a license depends on the officer concerned.

Anyway to drive without a license contravenes Section 26(i) of the Akta Pengangkutan Jalan 1987.

To renew the C.D.L. or “Competent Drivers License”, the same procedure is applied. While renewing their license, some would like to also change the address or affix new colour photos to their licenses. This can only be done at J.P.J. offices.

To change address, bring along your MyKad or electric bill bearing your name and latest address. To change new photos, please bring along 2 copies coloured photos.

Renewal of C.D.L. can be made from 1 year up to maximum of 10 years. Renewing licenses for a longer period of time appears to be better. Not only is it easier for the owner, it eliminates the problem of having to renew it year after year. In the end, the cost factor decreases.

Converting “P” license into “passed” licenses have been dealt with numerous times in this blog.

How about people who lose their licenses? How do they go about getting a “duplicate copy”? Getting a duplicate “L” and “C.D.L.” are the same. Do bring along:

i) MyKad.

ii) 1 copy colour photo.

iii) Copy of police report if you have it.

Item (iii) is not essential. Payment is RM30 for the duplicate license. You have to pay a fine of RM20. All the above can only be done at J.P.J. offices.

Some people would like to know how to renew their car or motorcycle road tax. For this you’ll need:

i) Your registration card (Get it from your Bank, Finance Company etc.).

ii) Renew your Insurance Policy. (Insurance policy are normally 1st party of All Rider Policies),

When you have received your Road Tax disc, affix it on your windscreen.

Motorcycles normally have their road tax disc affix to their key chain holders. Road tax disc nowadays are more difficult to steal.

Having addressed most of the problems normally faced by “L” and “C.D.L.” holders, it is hoped future blog readers will no longer raise questions on them.

46 thoughts on “Renewing C.D.L. And L.D.L. License

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  2. Chloe

    Hi, I’m studying overseas now and my P license is with me but it expires this month, is the grace period for converting from P license to the normal license still 1 year? Thank you.

    1. Cikgu Yap Post author

      It is. You are advised to send it for renewal back to your family.

      Enclose 1 copy of colour photograph and photostat MyKad.

  3. ayobcode

    Hi Cikgu Yap,

    what about “L” license? do I have to re-take if long time never renew?
    my L license register year 2003 last update year 2005. almost 5 years now. do i have to re-seat all over again? or is it possible to go to jpj and request for renewal?

    awaiting feedback from you

    1. Cikgu Yap Post author

      L license normally lasts 2 years. If your Highway Code has expired, you have to sit for the test after attending the 5 hour course.

  4. Jason

    Mr.Yap ,

    recently my L had just expired can I renew it even after the expiry date?

    How long does a undang-undang test can last ?

    Many Thanks.. :)

    1. Cikgu Yap Post author

      When you say your L expired, I assume the 3 months period ended. If that’s the case, renew it. After L has been taken out, undang-undang lasts 2 years.

  5. Jess

    Hi Mr Yap,

    I am currently holding a P license and it expires on June 8, 2010 . It says in your blog that one must convert their P into CDL within one year. So as long as I convert mine before June 8 2011 its okay?

    1. Cikgu Yap Post author

      June 8 2010 to June 8 2011 is actually 1 year and 1 day. Do not wait so long. Renew your “P” as soon as possible.

  6. Sin

    I’m just gone through my 6 hours amali class for “L” license after i passed my undang-undang test on last week.
    The thing is, my university classes will be starting on July 2010. I’m afraid i won’t be able to concentrate on my driving classes. So I plan to take driving lesson during my sem break on November 2010.

    Izzit can get my “L” license out on October 2010 ??

    I passesd my undang-undang test and ady attended 6 hours kursus Teori for L license on 20 June 2010. So my L license is start frm 20 June or the date of taken out L license?? tis L license is for 3 months or 6 months??

    1. Cikgu Yap Post author

      Good idea taking your lessons during semester break. Yes, your L can be taking out in Oct 2010. L license begin the moment the L is taken out. L license can either be for 3 or 6 months.

  7. Kit

    hi there,

    i need to retake my driving test but i heard that i must renew my L license first b4 this…but i think i’ve lost it…so can i still renew my L lesen by paying the rm20 fine??

  8. Emi

    Hi Cikgu Yap.

    I just got my L license but I need to further my studies overseas. I know that the L license valid for 2 years but it has to be renewed, either every 3 or 6 months. Can i do it online? If cannot, can anyone else in malaysia renew it for me? Does my IC needed for the renewal process? Thank you very much.

    1. Cikgu Yap Post author

      L lasts for 2 years. If not using the L, you needn’t renew it. You can’t renew it online while you’re overseas. You however can send it back home to be renewed. I/C not needed.

  9. Faizi

    Hi Cikgu Yap,

    I used to have a B2 license back when I was a student more than 15 years ago. As I got my D license, I have somehow forgotten to renew my B2 license (those days the license were a piece of ‘longish’ paper). Now, much to my regret, I would like to commute with a motorbike again. What do I do? do I need to sit for the test again?

    1. Cikgu Yap Post author

      Your motor license has become null and void. As you have a D license, you are therefore exempted from Highway Code test. You have to undergo a practical test for B2. Find a driving instructor to assist you.

  10. Nurul

    Hi Cikgu Yap,

    I’m Malaysian but lived in Melbourne for few years now for my study. Recently in April, I had renew my license for 5 years, when I went back to Penang. Few weeks back my wallet got stolen and I lost my Malaysian license was in it. I have my police report.. and still have a copy of my previous driving license that will expired this August. What can I do, and is it possible get them back without being in Malaysia?

    Thank you Cikgu Yap,

    p/s: I think you have made a great effort of sharing the issues in regards to driving procedure and license in Malaysia through this blog.

    1. Cikgu Yap Post author

      Unfortunately, you cannot get a duplicate copy of your license, except if done only back home in Malaysia. However, you could ask your family member back home to help. They can try to get a duplicate copy on your behalf. The, send the new duplicate copy when ready to you overseas. Your other comments are greatly appreciate.

  11. Sharon

    Hi Cikgu Yap,

    My driver’s licence expired in April 2009 and I haven’t renewed it since I have been abroad studying. I am going back home this November and was thinking if it’s okay to just renew my licence at JPJ or post office or if I need to re-take the test again?

    Thank you!

    1. Cikgu Yap Post author

      It’s it a “P”. d not allow it to lapse 1 year. It becomes null and void then. If CDL, do not lapse over 3 years.

  12. teh julie

    Hi, i have some questions regarding renewal of car insurance.
    The questions are:
    1. my car insurance is due this 24 nov 2010. This is my first time renewing car road tax n insurance. what documents should i bring during payment?
    2. where can i make my payment?
    3. how can i know how much is my car insurance (i don’t hv accident and no claim is made frm my car insurance company)?
    4. do i have to wait until the expiry date in order to renew insurance and road tax?
    5. Should i mk a photocopy of car ‘geran’ and keep in my car since i m working in outstation? (heard from friend that sometimes police needs to have a look)
    thank you in advance and i m m looking forward for your assistance.


    1. Cikgu Yap Post author

      Road tax can be made 1 month earlier. You should have the car registration with you. Then you can arrange for the road tax and insurance cover to be purchased yourself. If the bank or finance company is in possession of your registration card, then you’ll have no alternative but allow them to deal with the road tax and insurance matters. If you[re paying road tax and insurance yourself, you can make payment at JPJ office of Post Office. Making a photocopy of your car grant to keep in your car is a good idea.

  13. Wendy

    Hi Cikgu Yap,
    May I know whether I still can renew my P license if It’s already expired many years ago?
    I have the L license with me but didn’t able to renew my P license last time cos I missed the expiry date & the driving instructor told me I can’t renew anymore as JPJ already delete all my records in their
    So what should I do now? Do I need to take the
    driving test all over again?
    Pls advise. Thank you.

    1. Cikgu Yap Post author

      If “P” not renewed after 1 year of its expiry, it becomes null and void. Contact JPJ Putrajaya for a special test. You’ll be exempted from Highway Code and pra ujian. You” have to do Part I, II and II again.

  14. Shazreen

    Hi, to renew my LDL in the post office, all I need to present is my MyKad and my old LDL, is that right? Do I need to present a copy of my photo? If I do not use a “runner”, how long does it take for them to finish the license renewal?

  15. Ellia

    Hi Cikgu Yap, just wanted to ask, I got my L license last year on 2nd May 2010 but I haven’t renewed it at all since I got it because of my busy schedule with studies and all. Now that I’ve graduated college and on my break before entering university, I would like to start classes for my P license. Is it possible to just renew my L license and go on with the P license classes or do I need to attend the 5 hour talk all over again?

    1. Cikgu Yap Post author

      Your Highway Code is still valid. Just renew your L and proceed towards P classes. If not, you’ll have to attend 5 hours course and sit for Highway Code test all over.

  16. Alex

    Cikgu Yap,

    Can I convert my P license through the government portal, “MYEG” website?

    May I know, if my “P” license were to expire at 21 – 12 – 2011, can I renew it at 21 – 12 – 2012? But I am not studying abroad.


    1. Khai

      I have the same question as well!
      In my case is I lost my P Lisence, and I need to renew it, may I know how long the process will be? can I get my renewed CDL on the same day?
      If I live in selangor, can I go to terengganu JPJ office to renew my lisence? will that affect my process?

    2. Cikgu Yap Post author

      The answer to your question is No. Renew your P before 20/12/2012. Otherwise your P becomes null and void.

  17. barath

    hello cikgu yap,

    i have a question, my P driving license expired 3 years ago, can i sill renew to CDL? if it is not possible, can u please guide me on what to do next?

    another question, one of my cousin has lost his P driving license a few months ago, but he didnt make any police report? what can he do next?

    1. Cikgu Yap Post author

      Your P has become null and void. Contact Putrajaya for directives. Your cousin’s can do a duplicate. Visit any JPJ office. bring along your MyKad and a copy colour photo.

  18. Lily

    Hi Cikgu Yap,

    My issue is the same as some of the above. I have not renewed my P license ever since it expired more than 2 yrs ago. You mentioned contacting JPJ Putrajaya and may e exempted from the basic tests. Are there costs/penalty charges that I will be facing? Please advise.

    Thank you.

    1. Cikgu Yap Post author

      Authorities do not impose fines. You’re exempted from Highway Code and Pra Ujian. You will do only Part 1 and 2 or practical test. You will have to engage a driving instructor to do your test.

  19. Anis Chia

    Hi Cikgu Yap…

    I got my L license on 3/5/2011 and expired on 2/8/2011 .. Since I failed my JPJ test for litar dalam I havent renew and continue my JPJ ever since.. Now I am thinking about continuing P license… Where can I renew my L license?? How much should I pay since it has been a year plus??

  20. LuqmanHakim

    Sir, I’ve been asking a lot of ppl this… can LDL licence be renewed with Myeg??? Can it? And also.I can renew it to any post office??

    Thank you….

  21. Sara

    Hi Cikgu yap, I have P license previously however expired and I appeal successful , which I need to sit only for driving test. However my L license there is 2 expiry date, 1 is valid for 2 years and 1 I need to renew every 3 months. The concern is now the 2 years has expired 2 months ago , but my 3 moths renewal only expired in this month April. Does it consider my L is value or I have to retake all over the test?

    Please help!

    1. Cikgu Yap Post author

      Try renew L. If not, take out a new L. If all else fails, you have to sit for a new highway code all over.


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