International Driving License for Malaysian

Malaysian who travel abroad to other countries as tourists can use their domestic license to drive rented car or caravan especially in countries like Australia or New Zealand.

The same applies to those who work overseas for a short period.

Those going to neighboring countries like Thailand and Singapore should have no fear of driving there.

As long as the licenses are valid, meaning it has been renewed (not expired) and the vehicle driven be it cars or motorcycles have the required insurance coverage, there should exist no problem at all.

Readers should bear in mind that the above amenities are made possible where most countries of the present world have agreed to extend this important service to its citizens, thus making it much easier for them to travel around.

Nevertheless, it should be remembered that there are a few countries which still do not have bi-lateral relations, thus not enabling their citizens this privilege.
International Driving Permit
One can apply to the International Driving License from Road Transport Office (J.P.J) all over the country. The rules and regulations are as follows, including the necessary documents required:

a) Domestic license which is still valid for at least a year and its photostat copy.

b) Identity card (original) and 1 copy photostat

c) 2 copies coloured photo, passport size

d) Application form JPJL1

e) International Driving License fee for 1 year (RM150)

To my knowledge, you have to surrender your Domestic Malaysian License in place of your International Driving License. As no one is permitted to posses 2 driving licenses in Malaysia.

If in the later stages, you no longer require usage of this said license (which is rather costly anyway) you could then surrender it for your C.D.L (Competent Driver’s License) domestic license later.

Other than J.P.J offices, this license is attainable from the Automobile Association Of Malaysia (A.A.M) office also.

Now that you know how to obtain the International Driving License, what are you waiting for.

Apply for it now and Happy Driving.