Driving In Japan With A Malaysian License

A reader recently provided a web site on driving in Japan.

I looked through the web site as it contained many new and interesting information regarding driving in Japan.

I felt it was best that I wrote an article on it for the benefit of all readers concerned.

First of all, to answer the question that many readers […]

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International Driving License – Using Foreign Driving License In Malaysia

Drivers who possess domestic licenses of their own country can use their country’s license to drive here in Malaysia.

As a matter of fact, this provision is allowed for by the Geneva Conference of 1949 and 1968. All signatories to the above conference have agreed to accept each other’s license for use in their respective countries.

However, […]

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Renewing A Malaysian International Driving License

Getting married in Malaysia is not a problem really.

Find 2 witnesses and go to the Registry of Marriages.

One to act as witness for the gentleman.

The other for the lady.

And “bingo”, you’re married.

But has anyone ever contemplated the “hassle” a couple has to go through in a “Divorce”?

By now you might be wondering how the question […]

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