Getting married in Malaysia is not a problem really.

Find 2 witnesses and go to the Registry of Marriages.

One to act as witness for the gentleman.

The other for the lady.

And “bingo”, you’re married.

But has anyone ever contemplated the “hassle” a couple has to go through in a “Divorce”?

By now you might be wondering how the question of marriage and divorce ever come to be involved with Driving School related blog of all things.

Read on. Permit me to explain.

In the end, you’ll surely understand.

You see, recently the blog received a poser.

A lady driver, from somewhere overseas asked: “My international driving license is getting expired soon. How do I go about renewing it?”

To be frank with you, over the years involved in the driving school business, I have yet to lay eyes on a Malaysian International Driving license.

I only know it costs a “whopping” sum RM150 per year.

As to the question the above lady asked, how am I to know?

Well, as they say, all questions asked, should be answered, right?

Asking around for assistance, some old instructor friends said this and that.

In fact, the more I asked, the more perplexed I became.

Finally, luckily, an ex J.P.J. friend provided me the answer.

But the question given really sets me thinking.

Please read on. I assure you, you’ll eventually agree with me.

So, how do I go about renewing my Malaysian International License?

Firstly, you can’t renew it overseas.

Not at the Malaysian Embassy definitely, or the Malaysian Consulate.

The required procedure is:

i) You can only renew it back home, in Malaysia.

ii) Must one come home personally? I am yet unsure about this.

iii) Can one renew the license on our behalf? Also unsure.

iv) Supply 2 coloured photographs (passport size).

v) A RM150 renewal fee (for 1 year).

vi) Obviously a few forms have to be filled.

vii) Come home a little earlier before your license expires.

As for item (ii) and (iii), no affirmative answer could be given.

The prerogative to permit another person to act on the owner’s behalf lies with the Department’s officers.

It must also be noted that a “new” copy of the International Driving License will be issued.

Secondly, thinking about how difficult it is to renew our Malaysian International Driving License when it “expires”, the question asked is “Is it worthwhile to get it at all?”

What happens if your International License expires while you’re say in Australia or England?

Then you obviously can’t drive.

At the end of the day, think about it carefully.

The authorities should also contemplate about this problem seriously.

Anyway, I hope the lady succeeds in getting her license renewed.

So before you rush into getting your International Driving License, think over carefully too.

How do you renew it?

I maybe right by saying “getting married” in Malaysia is easier, after all.