Competent Driver’s License Not Renewed For More Than 3 Years Will Be Null & Void

There are some drivers who possess the Competent Driver’s License (C.D.L.) for cars but do not use it to drive at all.

Why do this group of people abstain from driving?

There are various reasons for their not doing so. Amongst some of the common reasons why they don’t drive are:

i) They are afraid. In short, these drivers have not been taught properly enough. Even though they have passed their practical test, they lack the confidence to drive.

ii) Some people have no opportunity to drive at all after achieving their license. Their families do not possess vehicles. After a few years of not driving, they soon become rusty. In time to come, this group of drivers soon become unable to drive.

iii) Believe it or not, some women drivers who have achieved their license to drive are prevented by jealous and possessive husbands who disallow their wives to drive. Only when the family have grown up and children need to be sent to school do husband finally consent to allow their wives to drive.

Renew License At Post Office

The above are some of the common reasons why some people do not drive even though they have already get their C.D.L.

Most of these drivers however renew their driving license faithfully from year to year. Some renew their license for alternate years. Such people anticipate and hope that one day, they might need their licenses as circumstances may force them to drive.

But there is however a small group of such drivers who inadvertently allow their C.D.L. to become null and void. Such license holders allow their license to “die” or lapse. In such cases, licenses are not renewed for more than 3 years.

According to J.P.J. rules and regulations, drivers of such licenses, if they wish their C.D.L. to be reinstated must undergo a retest. They must prove to the authorities they are still competent enough to drive or handle a vehicle.

Do this category of drivers, who have “lost” their licenses in such a manner have to do the entire test procedures all over again in order to be allowed to drive?

The answer to the above question is No!

To get your license reinstated, preferably a person should ideally go to the J.P.J. head office in Putrajaya. The authorities there will issue you a Learner Driver’s License (L.D.L) or “L” license.

The above allows a student 60 days to do a retest or Part II and Part III of the practical test.

What does the above special test incorporate?

This special test exempts one from:

i) Having to sit for the Highway Code.

ii) It also exempts you from attending the 6 Hours theory course.

iii) Doing the Q.T.I. at the institute.

However, a student under such circumstances has to engage a driving school to facilitate his entry or registration for test which is conducted by the authorities.

The student should also take up a few lessons, learning how to go up the slope as per J.P.J. requirements. He or she should also learn up the steps for side parking and three point turn procedures.

And finally, the Part III or jalan raya will also have to be learnt too. All in all, a candidate will have to spent anything from RM500 – RM650 for a retest.

Is the sum worthwhile getting back your C.D.L. which has become null and void? Only you can make a decision.

A special test, allowed by the transport authorities for students to do the retest must be done in a period of 60 days. A student who passed the retest will be issued a new C.D.L. As he or she is considered an experienced driver, they are not required to use “P” stickers any more.

Should you as a student doing a retest to get back your “lost” C.D.L. pass the required test, what particulars do you need to furnish your driving school in order to get your new license out?

Particulars that are needed include:

i) The test card (JPJ L3)

ii) Photocopy of your “L” license.

iii) 1 copy photo passport size.

iv) 1 photocopy of MyKad both sides.

v) RM30 for 1 year. Maximum is 5 years (RM150).

Licenses can be obtained 4 – 5 days after your practical test. Driving schools however, will charge a service charge of RM5 – RM10 for getting you your C.D.L.

To get back your C.D.L. license to drive has involved quite a lot of money and time. You should ensure in future no such problem should befall your driving license again.

Take good care of it. Make sure you renew it faithfully. And most important of all, drive! Only through constant driving could one turn out to be a competent and good driver.