Assuming as a candidate who is attempting to secure a Class D (Car) license and you have just successfully managed to get across the “slope” and down it, you will now arrive at a stop, look go sign (Berhenti).

Stop and your eyes should now either look towards the Left or the Right where the Side Parking lots are.

You make the decision as to which slot you are about to do your side parking test in.

During your practice run or training you had prior to this practical test (Ujian J.P.J.), you would have known which is your favorite parking slot.

At times, the J.P.J. official will direct you to the parking lots they would like you to go to.

In such cases, you will have no alternative but to follow their instructions. In most cases, it is the candidates themselves that make the choice.

In this article, I shall not be able to use any graphic or diagram to aid in my explanation on how to do a “side parking”.

As such I shall do my utmost best to describe / explain how the side parking is done.

Hopefully candidates reading this article would be able to overcome the problem facing them.

Coming into the parking slot you have chosen, the parking slot / lot will be on the left side of your car.

Remember, to always place your car approximately 1 – 1 1/2 feet from the parking posts.

Your car should ideally be parallel to the parking area.

Ensure your entire car crosses the first three parking poles.

Secondly, reverse slowly, looking left until you see the first post appear in the small triangular mirror. Then stop.

Thirdly, turn your steering to the left completely. Ideally you should jam it.

For the forth step, place your neck outside the window, look backwards towards the 7 – 8 sticks behind.

Look for the 5th, 6th or 7th stick. When your car body is parallel to any one of the above sticks, Stop.

Turn your steering now towards the Right. Straighten your front tyres. You can put your head out to do this.

With the front tyres now in a straight position, place your head out to look at the back tyre.

Ensure the back tyre sits on the white / yellow line of the parking lot.

Your car is now ready to enter the parking lot. Then, turn your steering to the right completely, reverse the car about 80% into the lot.

Finally, engage gear one, move forward in front.

When the car is well parked in the lot, put up your Right hand to indicate to the tester your completion of the test.

Remember though as long as the car is parked within the parking area and you have not touched any of the parking sticks, you have Passed.

However, your front or rear tyres should not touch the lines either.

Remember also, it is not necessary your car has to be parked straight in the parking lot.

You are given 5 minutes to complete the side parking maneuver.

If the car engine dies (even a few times), no action is taken.

The important thing to remember is, just complete your “side parking” within a span of 5 minutes.

You will then pass your side parking test.

As coming out of the side parking lot should not be a problem, you will then proceed to the last of your Part II test, which is the “3 Point Turn” aspect of the test.

Passing this part of the test, will earn you the complete Part II of the test.

Best of luck to you in the Part II (Slope, Side Parking and 3 Point Turn) aspect of the test.

If you have any problem regarding my explanation, do refer to your own instructor for assistance. Anyway, his side parking method might differ from mine slightly.