Tips on How to Obtain a Malaysian Driving License

To secure a driving license in Malaysia, these are the criteria you need to know. Malaysian who have attained the age of 16 can obtain a B2 (motorcycle) or 17 for D (car) license. Those wanting to get an E license (lorry) must be 21 years or above.

Those who want to get the above three classes of license must first of all pass the Highway Code test. The Highway Code exam is conducted in either English or Bahasa Malaysia.

JPJ also conducts test in oral for those not too proficient in the above two languages. For those in the above category, do seek the assistance of a good driving instructor or a reputable institute nearby.

Having passed the Highway Code test leads one to the next step, which is to attend a 6 Hours “Theory” course.

In this section, 3 hours is devoted to talking on how to maintain a good car condition. Aspects on how the JPJ conducts its test is also touch upon in this section. See the JPJ Undang-undang Passing Tips blog post.

The next 3 hours of the Theory class in reality is a Practical lesson conducted by your Instructor on a one to one basis.

Here, the course depend on how industrious your instructor is.

Normally, you will instruct on car maintenance, namely how to maintain well, things like the radiator, battery, brake fluid, engine oil, fan and air-con belts including also air pressure of the tyres.

At the end of the 3 hours session, I’m quite certain your knowledge about cars would have increased four fold.

Your instruction may even throw in instructing you how to change tyres in cases where you need to change punctured tyres they correct way.

Obtaining on L (Learner Probationary Drivers license) which last 3 months enables you to begin taking driving lessons.

One should take note not everyone can instruct you on the road lessons. Gone are the days where your father, uncle or husband who has the experience can teach you the mechanics of driving.

Today, the issuance of driving know-how is bestowed only to Driving School Instructors or those engaged by the Driving Institutes.

Even vehicles (mainly Kancils – due to its small size and low petrol consumption) which are normally used to teach you how to drive, how to undergo stringent Puspakom test periodically before being allowed on the road.

Depending on your standard of driving, one needs to take a course on driving of between 6 to 10 hours. A course by a good and reputable instructor helps in making you a safe and careful driver.

The instructor will instruct you on slope climbing, side parking techniques and 3-Point turn maneuvers.

Eventually, after the above three have been taught to you, the instructor will finally go on to show you the one or maybe two (even three) test routes to be taken during the test by the Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) instructors.

I must remind you also that before you appear before the JPL testers, you have first to undergo a Q.T.I or pre-test conducted a few days (even weeks) earlier.

These test are conducted internally by the Institute’s experienced personnel. Those test are intended to ascertain that students have indeed achieve a certain standard of proficiencies with the relevant sections (Bahagian I – Slope / Parking / 3 Point Turn) and Bahagian II (Route Test).

Completion of the Q.T.I exam means that you are now prepared to appear for your JPJ test which you have so long prepared for.

Remember, your test unlike previously, will be conducted at your institute where you learnt or had your training. The only difference is – the test will be conducted all by the testers and officials of the JPJ department.

Results will be issued to you instantly.

If you fail either part of the test, you now have the opportunity to re-take your exam the following next week.

Of course, you will have to undergo an extra 1 or 2 lessons to better yourself. Good luck and welcome to a world of driving experience.

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