Guides to Secure a Motorcycle B Full (Super Bikes) 501 cc+ License

Minimum age to apply for a B Full Motor License is 16 years.

If you have not already passed the Highway Code (Undang-undang), you will then have to:

i) attend the 5 hours K.P.P (Kursus Pendidikan Pemandu) course to secure the Sijil JPJL2A.

ii) the above certificate will then enable you to sit the Highway Code.

iii) after passing the Highway Code, you then attend the 6 hour Theory course to get the Sijil JPJL2B.

You will then be able to get your “L” License out.

You are given approximately 1 month to learn how to handle the B Full superbikes.

Normally, most people enroll either with driving schools or Institutes.

This is necessary as only driving Institutes have the big monster bikes to teach you.

To test these licenses, the Institutes have the necessary personnel (Instructors) to provide the instructions.

Furthermore, to test, you have to manipulate these machines in special test routes provided.

In short, B Full tests are conducted in two parts.

Part I (obstacles) include doing 1 1/2 rounds of Roundabout.

Crossing a narrow cement bridge approximately 7 – 8 meter long (in at least 7 seconds), zig zagging among cones and emergency brake maneuvers.

In superbikes, one should remember it has clutch control ability to be dealt with also.

Part II is actually predominantly hand-signals involving left / right turning maneuvers, stopping, slowing down signals and finally stopping and resting the bike as in parking on “one-stand stance”.

Part II begins with the rider electronically starting the machine (you do not kick start), then checking:

a) front / tail lights with your palms.

b) checking the front / rear indicators.

c) brake lights.

d) left / right handle bar mirrors.

e) the horn.

before then moving off. How to tie your helmet Correctly has already been mentioned elsewhere.

Hand signal plus mechanical signals including looking backwards are essentials to secure good grades which will secure you the necessary grades to pass.

It must be reminded that in this section you have to pass / ride through an obstacle of about 3 – 4 meter of uneven terrain to test your bike’s control.

Slowing down hand signals, turning left and right maneuvers will all be taught to you by the instructor on standby duty at the Institutes.

In the 3 – 4 times (approximately 2 hours per lesson) you will learn to be rather competent rider before you are ready for the test.

Regarding B Full test, it should be remembered controlling these machine maybe slightly heavy.

What one should keep in mind is, unlike B2 (-250 cc) bikes where candidates are advised to keep on to the left side of the track, in B Full cases, you are advised to maintain the centre of the track or route.

Experience indicate, in big bikes, especially when one is making say a left turn maneuver, ideally the rider should maintain the bike more towards the right side so as to prevent the handle bars “locking up”.

Locking up is when the handle struts , when turned fully tends to jam against the petrol tank causing one to fall, thus losing control and eventually falling and thus failing.

The same applies to a right hand L turn. The opposite then is applied.

In turning right, take the bike more towards the left thereby preventing the machine handle bar struts jamming against the petrol tank which then instinctively will bring your Right foot towards the ground to prevent it (the bike) from toppling over.

Only experience and sufficient training will bring results which will guide you towards securing a pass.

Theory is not a supplement to Practical lessons.

I realise no matter how best I might try to put forward my advise to you, the fact remains, Success is in your own hands. So do your part.

Visit your motorcycle training circuit regularly.

To be frank with you, securing a B Full (Super Bike) License is hard work. But the results achieved is well worth the effort!

Not many posses the License.