Tips to Passing JPJ Undang-undang Test

After attending JPJ’s 5 hours course on “Undang-undang”, most potential students sit for the test on Rules and Regulations.

Though this simple test can easily be attempted by most, nonetheless, some find this test slightly difficult to pass.

The passing mark required is 42. Some failed this test by 1 or 2 marks. Thus, they have to attempt this test twice or thrice over.

As such, my intention in writing this article is to provide tips on how to pass this simple yet intriguing test at first go.

First of all, I’ve been involved as a lecturer for many years. Therefore, I feel I have the experience and expertise to help those facing this predicament.

The paper itself is divided into 3 parts. Section A (the undang-undang section consists of 15 questions). Actually, this is the easiest section of the three. One should attempt to secure ALL 15 questions correct.

To pass, you should not make any mistake at all.

Section B (on Panduan Berhemat or Prevention of Accidents) comprises 25 questions. Questions are a little longer and slightly more difficult. Nevertheless, study this section carefully.

Being more difficult, you are therefore permitted to make 3 to 4 mistakes. But remember, nothing more than that.

Now, coming to Section C. This tests a student on what’s called the A.P.J 1987 (Akta Pengangkutan Jalan 1987) and the “Demerit System“. Many students ignore this section completely.

That is where the mistakes lies.

My advice is – this is where the problem exists. These two topics is the keystone to being a good driver. So study well these topics.

It’s not only important to the potential driver, but it is also the gateway to securing a PASS. Again, remember not to make more than 2 or 3 mistakes.

Bearing in mind you have made no mistakes in Section A, only 4 mistakes in Section B. And in Section C, 2 or 3 mistakes. Thus, with a total of 7 mistakes made, you are on the way to securing 42/43 marks required to pass this problematic test.

Try it out and see the difference.

Before approaching this test, make sure you are competent in computer. Seek your driving instructor or Institute’s assistance if you have to.

May my advice to you be of little bit of help to potential “L” drivers. Cheerios!

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