How Malaysian Public Can Be More Considerate Towards OKU

It is said, “it does not rain, but it pours”. In life it seems, troubles normally comes, one after another. As a driving instructor, no one I feel, knows the feelings of a handicapped person, or an OKU (Orang Kurang Berupaya) better than myself. Quite a few handicapped people have seeked my help to get […]

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More Disabled People Are Driving In Singapore

I read with great amazement that a growing number of people in the island of Singapore with medical conditions, are not letting their disability get in the way of driving a car. It is reported that Singapore has a hospital rehabilitation scheme to help disabled people to be mobile. As such, disabled people will no […]

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How Inconsiderate Malaysians Are Treating The Disabled

Driving schools and institutes in this country have not switched over from manual to automatic cars as yet.

Nevertheless, about a year ago, the authorities, that is, the Road Transport Department did cause quite a “storm”, when it announced that driving schools and institutes in Malaysia would very soon be allowed to use “automatic” cars for […]

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