Disabled Driver

Types of Vehicle For Disabled Person In Malaysia

The question with regards to whether a disabled person can learn driving or not was posed in  after the article titled "Can a Disable Person Drive a Vehicle" was published. The answer was in the “affirmative”. The earlier article however mentioned a disabled person learning in an automatic car only. It should be kept in [...]

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Parking Discount For Disabled Persons In Selangor

Special Stickers For The Disabled In Selangor O.K.U. in Bahasa Malaysia means “Orang Kurang Upaya”, the disabled person of our society. Even though they possesses license to drive, their biggest headache is actually finding parking lots. There are reserved parking spaces near banks, government offices, supermarkets and other busy areas. Those blue coloured areas with [...]

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Special Discount For O.K.U. Vehicle Purchase?

Is there a possibility that O.K.U. (Orang Kurang Upaya) who intend to purchase a new vehicle be given a special discount? To be fair, I have given priority to articles specially written for the O.K.U. or “disabled”. This short article is intended for them. A frequent user of the L.R.T. (Light Rail Transport) system, you’ll [...]

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