Types of Vehicle For Disabled Person In Malaysia

The question with regards to whether a disabled person can learn driving or not was posed in  after the article titled “Can a Disable Person Drive a Vehicle” was published.

The answer was in the “affirmative”.

The earlier article however mentioned a disabled person learning in an automatic car only. It should be kept in mind tutoring a disabled driver should be done only by a qualified driving instructor who possesses the certificate to instruct or the S.M.2 certificate.

Permission to teach should also be obtained from the J.P.J. authorities.

Prior to commencing practical lessons in the student’s automatic vehicle, all documents, approval letters etc should be in proper order. J.P.J. vehicles on their round will certainly stop you should your come across them

The disabled student vehicle to be used for driving tuition could be either:

1) Be registered under the student’s name.

2) Be a borrowed vehicle. In such cases, a letter of consent should be obtained.

Insurance coverage particulars have already been explained earlier. Get insurance cover for:

i) The driving instructor.

ii) The student learning.

iii) The tester who will be conducting the test on test day.

There is a second type of vehicle that can be used for teaching disabled or the O.K.U. (Orang Kurang Upaya).

I admit having forgotten to mention this in my earlier article. This category of vehicle pertains to vehicles to which modifications have been made to the vehicles.

Some disabled people cannot make full use of their legs. They cannot control the brakes and accelerator units. Such cases requires modifications be made to the vehicles.

Although automatic cars have only brakes and accelerator, these have to be modified and placed near the steering stalk to allow operation by hands.

Such modified vehicles should be forwarded for certification of Registration under the student’s name and endorsed by the Department’s Registrar of Vehicles (R.O.V).

Of course again, the normal insurance requirements will have to follow.

Having describe the 2 types of vehicles that are normally used to teach and tests disabled students i.e. the automatic vehicles and the modified automatic vehicles, it is hoped those readers who may be in the disabled category may no longer deem it necessary to raise any further questions in this blog.

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