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Solving The Problems Of O.K.U. (Orang Kurang Upaya)

The permit S.M.I (Sekolah Memandu I) allows the teaching of:

a) Normal students.

b) Students known as O.K.U. (Orang Kurang Upaya).

To my knowledge, there exists no driving school in Malaysia that caters for the needs of the O.K.U. No driving school or institute possesses an automatic car to fulfill this purpose.

Why you may ask is this so? Quite simple actually.

i) O.K.U. as a group, isn’t large.

ii) “Auto” cars are more expensive.

iii) The 3 wheel motorcycle has to be specially ordered.

What happens should an O.K.U. plan to take up driving?

Firstly, he / she should get an “automatic” car. Secondly, ensure the insurance covers the student, the instructor and also the “tester” on the day of the test.

Cars which are borrowed should possess the “Letter Of Consent”. Particulars regarding insurance have to be adhered to.

At this juncture, the “modified version” of auto car should also be included too.

The O.K.U. has to submit the “Kad Perakuan Pendaftaran” in the student’s name to be endorsed by the Registrar of Vehicles. Insurance requirements remain the same.

What happens on Test Day?

“Auto” cars are permitted to be brought into the Institute’s premises. If parking slots are not suitable, they would be modified for the auto’s requirements.

However, auto cars on test must bear familiar words as “Awas! Pemandu Cacat!” on both the front and the back of the car.

Hopefully, this article will get rid of problems so far facing the O.K.U. To end this article, a last reminder with regards to “driving instructors”.

Automatic or no automatic, instructors have to be the one to teach the disable driver. Although there are many who feel unhappy about this, we have no other choice but to accept it. This little Law!

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