Can I Become I Driving Instructor Or A Part Time Instructor?

From question asked of this blog, there are some who would like to become a driving instructor. It is beyond my understanding, even though there are 1001 jobs around, why contemplate becoming a “Driving Instructor” of all things.

If you read my blog post “How I become a driving instructor“, the main reason why I became a driving instructor was to supplement my income which then was hardly enough.

But to hear that there are some amongst you who aspire to be a driving instructor does give me a sense of “satisfaction”.

Seeing someone who have thought years ago whizzing by the highway waving to you, receiving a litter thank you “note” from my nieces Sue Yin and Sue Sin (whom I thought some 10 years back) while they were still in school, bring me enormous joy. Joy and satisfaction words cannot describe.

Finally, the “Thank you” and encouragement they have given to this blog when they heard about its opening, to them I say “thanks and drive carefully”.

Coming back to the more serious question of can I become a Driving Instructor. To these asking this question, the answer is Why Not? And to the question of what about becoming a “part time” instructor?

The answer to both the above question again is “Why not”? If you are a hard working person who intends to earn a little bit more to make ends meet, what’s the problem?

To become a driving school instructor, first of all you’ll have to possess a few good qualities in you. Namely:

i) A trustworthy person.

ii) Person of patience.

iii) Hard working individual.

iv) Can withstand the hot Malaysia sun.

It is suffice only a few qualities be given. I’m afraid giving you to many qualities you must posses might scare you away.

Other required qualities if you have them are:

i) Possess at least S.P.M. certification.

ii) Being able to sponsored (anjur) by a driving school / institute.

iii) Have some money to attend courses (at least RM1000 – RM1500).

Courses for S.P.I.M.2, is organised from time to time by J.P.J. in Sabah and Sarawak. S.P.M.2 (or the certificates) can be used in Semenanjung Malaysia as well.

What does the courses organised by J.P.J. provide? Briefly, J.P.J. courses provide:

i) Training

ii) Testing techniques

iii) Demonstrations

iv) Test your on ability to “test” a candidate

v) Your ability to test certain vehicles (B2 motor and D for cars)

At the end of a week long course, you will be awarded a “certificate” to instructor or S.M.2.

Chinese philosopher Confucius said “the journey to a thousand miles begin with the first step”. My advise to those who wish to become an instructor, first find a “sponsor” quickly.

After completing discussion of the first question, we new arrive at the second question which is “Can I become a part time instructor?” Actually, the answer is No! Why not? The answer is quite simple.

To teach people how to drive is difficult and dangerous as well. Let the qualified instructor do the job.

The second reason is vehicles used to provide “tuition”to students are slightly unique that they possesses 2 sets of “brakes”. The third reason is being driving school or Institute cars possesses special insurance for “tuition” and “test”.

Your car cannot be used because your car does not have the insurance cover for the purposes mentioned above.

The forth unique factor of the driving school car is that the vehicle has to undergo a 6 month inspection by Puspakom authorities.

What would happen if you were to use your own car or vehicle to provide “tuition” in kampung areas The answer to that question is you’d likely meet with J.P.J. and believe me, you will get a Summon.

How if you work as a part time instructor? The answer to the above question is still a No! Very few driving schools are keen to take you as a part time instructor solely because you do not possess the Sijil SM2, which is an offense.

To end this short article, let me provide you with some information. Anyone employing someone who does not have the certificate to instruct is in reality committing a wrong. Three summons will be issued:

i) To the owner of the car.

ii) To the instructor.

iii) To the driving school itself.

If we were to consider the pros and cons and the dangers we encounter and so forth, we would realise it’s never advantages at all to employ someone who does not possess the certificate to teach.

So sorry, there goes your wish to be a part time driving instructor. Try something else. Selling burgers perhaps. It’s safer. No J.P.J.. But then, there’s the Majlis Perbandaran, don’t forget.