Can A Disabled Person Learn In His / Her Own Vehicle?

As of 1st January 1970, Malaysian could no longer seek the help of their parents or friends to assist them in their learning how to drive. If normal people who wish to take a course on driving, could seek the help of either a driving school or Institute.

What about those who are not too fortunate or “disabled persons”?

Can these group of people purchase their own vehicles and then seek the assistance of an instructor to do like wise?

The answer to the above question is “Yes”. Such vehicles could also be taken into the Driving Institutes to be used by the owner as test vehicles.

However, permission should first be obtained from the relevant authorities to use the said vehicle. In this article, attempts would be made to explain how this could be done.

Assuming a disabled person just wants to use an ordinary to learn and also to use such a car for test purposes. How then, does one go about it? Conditions briefly are:

i) Medical report required.

ii) Letter requesting J.P.J.’s approval to use the said vehicle for tuition and test.

iii) Proper insurance to cover person learning, instructor and tester during test.

iv) If the car is borrowed, proper insurance for the above (item iii) is also required. Letter of lenders’ consent is necessary.

Besides the above documents and paper work, also be reminded that the vehicle used for tuition purposes should have signs (both front and rear) to inform other drivers that “Disabled Persons” are driving the vehicle.

Talking about disabled people and their problems, it is only proper, mention be made with regards to “pregnant ladies” who profess to take their test.

The process is rather simple. All that is required is to get a consent letter from the student’s husband disclaiming any responsibility by the authorities concerned.

If in any way, readers are still uncertain how to address the problem they might face, do not hesitate to request your nearest institute or instructor for assistance.