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Should The Age For Obtaining A Car License (Class D) Be Raised From 17 to 21?

In Malaysia today, the minimum age for a person to obtain his / her license is 17. For a long time now, this topic has been debated over and over again.

Some argue it’s imperative we raise the age for obtaining a “car’ license to 21.

Before proceeding any further, lets us all remember, a person can only “vote” when he or she turns 21. There must be a good reason for the Malaysian government’s above decision.

As a driving instructor, I’ve been asked time and time again, what is my opinion on this topic?

At 17, most students are still schooling or pursuing their studies. As such, students should in fact be concentrating fully on their education.

No thinking about anything else, like getting a car license, for instance. After all, let’s say in 4 years time, after they have finished their upper sixth form, there will be ample time to ponder about getting a license to drive then.

Questions about as to whether a student is “matured” or otherwise aside, the fact that a boy or a girl is still schooling, still “dependent” on his parents and has no “earning power” of his or her own, should be the criteria for us to object to a student learning driving at the present age of 17.

Instead, if you ask me, seriously my opinion would be, by all means, go ahead and raise the minimum age to at least 21 years.

Yes, I am aware many, especially potential students would “blast” me for my opinion. Some might even comment “What is this crazy instructor attempting to do? Does he know what he is saying?”

You see, as an instructor for so many years experience, don’t you think I should know what I’m talking about? As to whether you concur with me or otherwise is not the question.

My experience tells me, there are some at 17 who are actually not “matured” enough to taking up driving lessons. As we cannot possibly ban one or two, we have no other alternative but to suggest the age for obtaining a driving license be raised from the present 17 to 21 years.

Thinking about it further, by the time you are 21, you most probably would have completed your college or university education. By abstaining from getting your car license now, have you ever contemplated how much financial burden you would have saved or relieved your parents of.

Most parents, I’m quite certain would agree with my opinion. Parents, if asked would like to agree with my idea. The only drawback is they love their children too much to say “no” when their children suggest it’s time for them to get a driving license.

There are many other ample reasons to support my decision that the present age of 17 be raised to 21, but at this juncture, the topic should be terminated here.

As human beings, we have to be “practical”. Advocating 21 as the proper and correct age for a student or child to obtain his or her driving license, in fact will affect my business as a driving instructor.

Most certainly my business would certainly face a “down turn” or “merosot” as they say in Bahasa Malaysia.

To me, the student’s safety must come first. Malaysia’s current rate of accidents worry me. We have one of the world’s highest rate of accidents.

If the “Defensive” from of driving we incorporated from Australia, some 10 – 15 years ago, does not seem to be bearing any concrete result, the time has now come for the government to do something about it.

Either we “raise” the age of obtaining a car license to 21 or come up with a better suggestion to solve it.

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