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Where Is The Malaysian Driving License Number?

Malaysian Probationary Driving License (PDL) Where is the number on a Malaysian driving license?A reader of this blog actually asked this question. I got very curious and took out my driving licence to have a look. As it turns out, the new Probationary Driving License (PDL) and Competent Driving License (CDL) both have no numbers. [...]

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Rutin Pemeriksaan Kenderaan (RPK) Part 3

The wrote the Rutin Pemeriksaan Kenderaan Part I and Part 2 earlier. This article is Part 3. Step 1:  Opening the Booth, say it has a: JackA tyre openerAn emergency triangle.A spare tyre (with air), still usable Step 2:  Next , squatting beside the back, Left tyre, put your hands round it, saying :- The [...]

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Rutin Pemeriksaan Kenderaan (RPK) Part 2

In the 1st Part of R.P.K. (Rutin Pemeriksaan Kenderaan), I stopped stopped explaining after asking candidates to put your palms on the “bonnet”. Step 1: With your hands placed firmly on the “Bonnet”, say: "The bonnet is in good order. No accident and can still be used". Step 2: After that, you then place both [...]

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