Malaysian driving license

Malaysian Probationary Driving License (PDL)

Where is the number on a Malaysian driving license?

A reader of this blog actually asked this question.

I got very curious and took out my driving licence to have a look.

As it turns out, the new Probationary Driving License (PDL) and Competent Driving License (CDL) both have no numbers.

I thought the number might be at the back the license.

But there is only a small card serial number at the top right corner.

Your license number

I had a hypothesis, I believe our Malaysian driving license number is linked to our identity card (IC) number or Nombor kad pengenalan.

How do I test my hypothesis?

I did a test to check my license expiration date.

JPJ portal

Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan portal

I went to the Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) official portal to check my driving license expiration date.

You can also check out the portal by clicking here.

The JPJ portal required that I choose an ID category.

The categories listed are:

  • Temporary resident (MYKAS)
  • Permanent resident (PTM)
  • Malaysian public (MYKAD)
  • Police (POL)
  • Military (TEN)
  • Non Malaysian (LLN)

When I’ve selected the Malaysian public (MYKAD) option, I am required to enter my IC number.

I did a search and the portal showed my driving license expiration date.

Therefore, my test showed that my driving license number is linked to my IC number.

As far as I know, the identity card number issued by Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) is unique.

No two person in Malaysia would have the same identity card number.

I’ve made a conclusion, our driving license number is linked to our identity card number.

Do you agree?

However, do not take my sharing above as the truth.

If you still have doubt and do not know where your driving license number is located, by all means, call Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) and speak to one of the officer there.

Ask them your question and get your confirmation from them.

Easy car road tax holder

Is there a better way to stick the car road tax on the wind screen?

When it is time to change your car road tax, do you face difficulties trying to remove the old road tax from the wind screen?

Every time I had to change the road tax sticker on my car, I found it very difficult to remove the old road tax.

The new road tax sticker is also very thin and flimsy and can tear easily.

Recently, I found a simple solution to my problem to stick and remove the car road tax sticker on the windscreen.

It is a nice and clear piece of acrylic plastic with small suction cups at the corners.

road tax holder

The above picture is the acrylic plastic that I bought online.

As you can see, the car road tax sticker can be stick neatly on the surface.

The acrylic plastic can then be easily attached and removed from the car wind screen with the suction cups.

It is a simple solution for a problem I believe many car owners have.

If you are keen to get the acrylic plastic to stick your car road tax, you can click the link below to get it on Lazada. The cost is not very expensive.

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