How You Can Loose Your C.D.L. License

The above system is meant for the “P” (Probationary) License and the C.D.L (Competent Drivers’ License) holders only. The “L” License holders are not involved as “L” license are temporary licenses.

Many drivers both CDL and P license holder feel that when they are summoned by either the J.P.J or the Police or the Courts, they only have to pay the Fines for the traffic offenses they have committed. This is where they are wrong.

As a matter of fact, the J.P.J. in the Headquarters in Putrajaya, possess a record system whereby points are tabulated to keep track of drivers’ records and the offenses they commit. This is call the Mata Demerit System.

The Mata Demerit System is a system originated in 1997 under the Kaedah-kaedah Kenderaan Motor (Mata Demerit). Years of experience have shown the authorities that Malaysian driving public is unconcerned with fines imposed on them.

To them, its like “Have Money, No Problem” concept. What these drivers are afraid of is when steps are taken by the J.P.J, the Police or the Court Authorities to “suspend” them from driving.

Why evolve the “Mata Demerit System”? Among reasons include the high rate of accidents, importance of road safety consciousness, the necessity to follow road regulations and so on.

Briefly, the “Mata Demerit System” revolves around Section 35, 35A, 37 and 38 and the Kaedah-kaedah Kenderaan Motor (Mata Demerit) 1997.

As mentioned / explained earlier elsewhere, (see How P Licenses are suspended) this article plans to explain “How C.D.L (license) is liable to suspension”.

Briefly, C.D.L. holder achieving 15 or more Demerit Points gets a 6 month suspension. A second 15 or more Demerit Points merits a 12 month suspension. 15 or more Demerit Points the 3rd time around gets a 12 month further suspension.

Steps will be taken or suspension of the holders’ license. Remember, though a 2 years period is allowed for the driver to accumulate the above said points.

Can a driver drive during the suspension period. No! Neither can he apply for a license to drive another class of vehicle. The suspension period lasts 1 year.

In fact the J.P.J. has another steps to correct the bad habits and “wayward” ways of such drivers. The P.E.P. (Pendidikan Etika Pemandu) Course is one.

The Ketua Pengarah can direct a driver to attend such a course. After completing attendance successfully of such course, the suspension period could be shortened from 4 – 8 weeks,

Then there is the giving of “Bonus”. Those who have achieved less than 15 points and do not collect any further Demerit Points in the next 24 months following, 7 demerit points thus is deducted.

Finally the is of course the “Penalty” issue of punishing the Driver with a RM2000 fine or a 6 months prison sentence.

All in all, the Demerit Points System has approximately 18 important traffic offenses in its list. Among these deserving 15 Demerit Points are in:

i) driving under influence of liquor / dadah.

ii) driving recklessly / dangerously.

iii) driving with undue care / lack of consideration.

iv) racing.

v) failure to supply breath / blood / urine samples to Police authorities when requested.

10 demerit Points mentioned earlier in another article in this blog and it reiterated one again have due to its importance are:

i) failure to display the “P” Plates in front / rear of the vehicle.

ii) speeding excess of 40 kmj in designated zone.

iii) failure to obey traffic lights.

will lead to the J.P.J, Putrajaya handing you a show cause letter as to why your license should not be suspended.

C.D.L. license holders who receive the above letter of suspension, could appeal for the above to be waived. As to my knowledge, only the Minister of Transport himself possesses the right to grant your appeal.

Other items of the Demerit Point System, although not mentioned here are equally important and are not to be disregarded.

Amongst them are (tyres without treads, overtaking at double line, not possessing license, failure to ensure 0.00 content in the breath / blood / urine level) – All carry a 5 Demerit Points.

Other offenses such as overtaking / obstruction whilst overtaking, failure to give way to ambulance, customs, police and the Fire Brigade, offenses at pedestrian crossing, offenses pertaining to driving on the left side of the road, not stopping at junctions, using the hand phone while driving all carry an 8 point penalty.

Do make a study of the 18 traffic items in the Demerit Point System so as to prevent your C.D.L. license from being suspended.