Police Summon

Malaysia has a high rate of accident.

In order to minimise the above, drivers should be made conscious of road safety as well as to follow road rules and regulations.

Young or new drivers, that is the “P” drivers unfortunately, are unaware that their P License can rather easily be suspended or “withdrawn”. In fact, the “P” License is a Probationary License for 2 years. Drive carefully and safely or you might end up loosing it.

In this short article, I shall endeavour to explain the best possible manner you can prevent your P License getting Suspended.

This Demerit System involves around APJ Sections 35, 35A, 37 and 38. Drivers under the category of CDL (Competent Drivers’ License) and the “P” category beware!

Under its list, some 18 items of traffic offences are listed. Points ranging from 5 to 15 are given when you are summoned by the J.P.J / Police or the Courts. When Fines are paid, a system of Records is created at the Putrajaya JPJ Headquarters.

As this article solely deals with the problem of “P” License only, thus how it gets being suspended will be addressed.

First, avoid getting “hit” by APJ Section 41-43 (driving recklessly / dangerously / undue care) which carries 15 demerits points, which is Way Above the suspension limit of 10 demerit points. (You accumulate 10 points in 1 year). This will end your “P” License.

Secondly, avoid getting summoned also under Section 45B (4) or 45C (6) which brings 15 points too.

Thirdly, P drivers should also stay away from

a) not having “P” Stickers on the left hand corner and rear windscreen of your car.

b) beating the “red” traffic lights.

c) speeding over 40 km/h in designated areas  (Section 40/96 APJ).

Remember, therefore getting summoned under Section 41-43 (15 points) and Sections 45B (4) and 45C(6) and Section 40/96 APJ ’87 WILL END your “P” Lifespan.

Finally, remember too your “P” lasts 2 years. After this period, ensure you convert it into CDL (Competent Drivers License) within 1 year period.

The procedure is simple!


i) 1 colour photo

ii) Photostat copy MyKad (both sides)

iii) Original P License

iv) RM30 per year. Maximum 10 years.

You can only do the above at any J.P.J office. Contact your driving school instructor / institute should you face any difficulties.

Hope you will be able to prevent your “P” License from being suspended.

By the way, if your P should ever be suspended, you are not allowed to Drive during the suspension period nor are you allowed to apply for any form of License (of any class) from the time your license is suspended.

One good news to you anyway! A person whose P license is suspended will have to resit the “Practical” aspect (slope, side parking, 3 point turn) and the “Road Test” all over again.

However, you can be exempted from resitting the Highway Code test. You have first to apply for permission from the Pengarah J.P.J. in Putrajaya.

If you feel all this is a hassle, just sit for the undang-undang test (Highway Code Test) all over again.