Sani Express Bus Driver Jailed 4 Years For Reckless Driving

In a traffic court case held in Ipoh, Perak, Mohd Kamil Rashid, the express bus driver of a double-decker bus belonging to Sani Express was handed a 4 year prison sentence. Kamil’s driving license was also suspended for a period of 3 years. A RM10,000 fine that was also imposed by Magistrate Mohamad Ruhizat Abdullah, […]

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Half a Million Malaysians Blacklisted & Are Not Allowed To Leave The Country

If you are a driver and you have been blacklisted by the authorities, for example the Road Transport Department, then you cannot pay your road tax. Or you could even be prevented from renewing your driving license.

You cannot even transfer a vehicle which is in your name.

In short, a driver will find it next to […]

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“P” Driving License Suspended

How Does A “P” Driver (Probationary Drivers’ License) Lose His / Her License?

Rather recently, an ex-driving student of mine, Eton, came to report to me regarding “loss” of his “P” license. As the story unfolds, his purse had been “lifted” or stolen.

Inspite of my requesting him to be patient a few days longer, Eton being […]

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