How Does A “P” Driver (Probationary Drivers’ License) Lose His / Her License?

Rather recently, an ex-driving student of mine, Eton, came to report to me regarding “loss” of his “P” license. As the story unfolds, his purse had been “lifted” or stolen.

Inspite of my requesting him to be patient a few days longer, Eton being a young man, insisted I took steps to help him secure a Duplicate License immediately.

The cost for the above process came to roughly RM75.

One week later, when the license was ready, Eton came to my house and showed me his original license. It has been found a few days earlier.

On a serious vein now, how does one lose his / her “P” license? If one does not convert his / her “P” into a C.D.L. (Competent Drivers’ License) within a year of its “Probationary period” expiring, automatically, the “P” license becomes Null and Void.

There was a case of 2 other “P” students (both hardly 18 years old) who beat the red traffic lights in some 2 years back. Luck was not with them that day. J.P.J. stopped them.

Both their licenses were suspended. Both lost their “P” licenses. Luckily, both were given exemption from the Highway Code, their “Pra Ujian” and given “Special Test” for their practical test doing the Part I (Slope), Part II (Side Parking & 3 Point Turn) and Part III (Jalan Raya) all over again.

Both spent over RM800 – RM1000 to do the test all over again. Waste of time and energy. But they deserved it anyway. They had to lose their “P” license in such a manner. Anyway, as you are aware, under the Demerit System, a “P” holder will lose his / her “P” license upon receiving 10 points within a year.

Another story tell of how a “P” license holder went on to lose her license. She was a primary school teacher. Yet, she was ignorant to such an extent she never knew she had to convert her “P” into C.D.L.

Within 1 year of its expiry date, she claimed her instructor never told her the requirement.

So to all you driving instructors out there, do your duty to your students. Do not assume all your students know “everything”. Prevent such unnecessary thing from happening.

Up to date, the student concerned has yet to do her retest. Will she be able to regain her “P” ever again? As an instructor of so many years, I know it’s going to be a daunting task for her to pass her “P” license test again.

Who knows, she may never ever drive again. What a pity indeed!

There are even some students who claim they were busy studying overseas. And when they had completed their education, it was already too late.

How does one go along appealing to the authorities to get their license back?

As I mentioned earlier in the article, you can be exempted from certain parts of the test.

Whatever the reasons may be for you to have your license suspended or canceled, remember you are bound by Section 29 (i) (b) A.P.J. 1987. Your license should not exceed 3 years after expiry. Only then could you appeal.

As this article is mostly concerned with how a candidate goes on to lose his or her “P”, the mechanism of how one goes about appealing for exemption one’s license not to be suspended will be dealt in greater detail in a later article.

So do remember, my next article will be on “How to appeal to the Authorities with regards to a License getting suspended“.