The wrote the Rutin Pemeriksaan Kenderaan Part I and Part 2 earlier. This article is Part 3.

Driving School

Step 1:  Opening the Booth, say it has a:

  • Jack
  • A tyre opener
  • An emergency triangle.
  • A spare tyre (with air), still usable

Step 2:  Next , squatting beside the back, Left tyre, put your hands round it, saying :-

  • The tyre has no Nails.
  • Tyre is good.
  • Pressure is perfect.

Step 3:  Standing between the Front / Back doors on the left hand side, say “Both doors has No Accidents”  Still usable.

Step 4:  Side mirrors, the left side mirror still usable.

Step 5: Left hand Indicator is still goods, it’s usable.

Step 6: Finally, move to the Front part of engine. Inform tester you’re checking 10 important parts of the engine.

Start on the Right . Point to the battery. Battery new. This is a dry cell battery.

Next, move to “Rain water gauge”. Water here is sufficient, not necessary to fill it.

The “Reserve water container “ is Full. Unnecessary to fill it.

Next, say “the Engine hoses are in good order , no need to change them”.

Following, the Air-con and Engine belting are in good condition.

Finally, the Brake oil reservoir is full, no need to top up.

Lastly, check the Black oil / Engine oil,  pull up the Dipstick, check the level , normally, the oil is sufficient.

Your R.P.K. exercise has now ended.  Say “Thank you”  to the tester.

Before this section ends, you’ll have to do the Rutin Sebelum Memandu (RSM).

What to do upon entering the vehicle:-

Then. Check “dashboard” lights such as:-

  • temperature water
  • engine condition.
  • ECO (fuel saving)
  • Air bag.
  • Steering wheel condition.
  • Hand brake
  • Battery condition.

Description of interior parts of car:

  • Emergency Triangle
  • Front Lights
  • Wipers
  • Signal lights
  • Hand brake
  • Foot controls (clutch, brake & accelerator)
  • A manual car has 6 Gears & 1 Reverse gear

The RSM comprises roughly these items. Learn. And you can pass this part of the exam.

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