11 Emergency Tools Every Vehicle Should Possess

Emergencies happen time and again.

Every vehicle should possess emergency tools.

In this short article, some emergency tools will be mentioned.

As a driver, you determine what you should keep in your car. As a lecturer, of the K.P.P. (Kursus Pendidikan Pemandu), emphasis has always been placed upon its importance.

Unfortunately, few take heed of the advice offered.

What emergency tools should a driver have in his or her car?

Permit me to elaborate.

1) Emergency triangle or cone.

Few vehicles have these items.

Yet, they are life saving gadgets.

While changing tyres, place emergency triangles or cones approximately 20 meters behind your vehicle.

At night, changing tyres without these items is extremely dangerous.

2) Emergency first aid kits.

Every vehicle should have such a kit.

During accidents, they play a vital role.

Ensure there kits have scissors, bandages, medicines and other necessary medical accessories in them.

3) Torchlights.

Keep one or two torchlights in your car.

During emergencies, especially at night, a torchlight is essentially important.

When checking an engine for mechanical failures, a torchlights is so essential especially at night.

Try changing puncture tyres during the night.

You will understand what I mean.

4) Fire extinguishers.

This probably is the most important emergency tool a car should have.

Except to commercial vehicles, which is mandatory item, few vehicles have this important item.

The visual below emphasizes how important a fire extinguisher is.

5) Car jack and assorted spanners.

A punctures tyre needs a car jack.

Wheel spanners are also essential items.

Without them, they say, “you’ve had it”.

That goes also for a good spare tyre.

And with air or pressure in it.

A spare tyre without air is useless.

6) Emergency electric jump cables.

A pair of emergency electric jump cables cost around RM80.

They are available from any supermarket and also spare parts shop around.

They play a vital role when your battery goes dead.

Ensure that this important item is amongst the important emergency paraphernalia your car should have in your boot.

7) Ropes or chains for towing broken down vehicles.

Although towing of cars is not recommended , nevertheless, it’s essential you should have ropes and chains for emergency use.

Your only alternative is, join the A.A.M. (Automobile Association of Malaysia).

It costs only RM60 to register.

The A.A.M. provides you 24 hour service.

8) Emergency tool box.

Its importance cannot be more emphasized.

Screw drivers, assorted spanners, plug openers and other essential tools should form a part of your tool box.

Include some binding tapes as well.

9) Emergency fan belts.

Keeping one or two emergency fan belts in your booth is never a loss.

You can never know when you require them.

They only cost between RM15- RM20 each.

In emergency situations, they can be a life saver at times.

10) A plastic bottle of water.

During emergencies, you at times need water.

So be advised to keep one or two bottles of water in your booth.

You can never know when you need them.

11) Reflective vests.

A reflective emergency vest, although a new technology, is one item which is strongly recommended to drivers.

Especially in times of tyre changing at night.

Do not try to change tyre without them along highways or expressways during the night.

It’s dangerous!

This article has tried its utmost best to impress upon you some of the important items you need in an emergency situation.

Whether you choose to invest in them or otherwise is one decision you yourself make, and no one else.

Drive safely!

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