Removing Driving School Vehicle From Active Service

I do not know about other countries’ rules and regulations concerning provision of driving tuition. Does Singapore, England or the United States of America adhere to guidelines pertaining to vehicles being used for driving tuition purposes?

Yours sincerely, is certain that they do.

Gloucester Driving School, a very famous driving establishment in England, incidentally, frequently liases with […]

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6 Things You Should Know About Your Car Tyre

So far, I have not not yet touched upon the topic of “tyres” at all. Famous tyre brands which are available in Malaysia include Bridgestone, Dunlop, Silverstone, Hankook, Firestone and many others.

Talking about tyres, motorists should be informed one important thing about tyres. Experts say, only the tyre surface the size of a closed palm, […]

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Correct Way Of Inserting Air Into Punctured Tyres

If you are a driver, you should ideally know how to pump air or pressure into your vehicle tyres. Car tyres sometimes get deflated when they sustain punctures. In Bahasa Malaysia, which is our National Language, the word pancat or ‘puncture’ is to experience a tyre that has lost its air.

Pertaining to tyres, bocor […]

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