The Quest For Vocational License

Having achieved your C.D.L. D License for cars does not necessarily mean you can drive all types of vehicles.

Vehicles owned by Companies cannot be driven by you unless you own or possesses the G.D.L. License (Goods Drivers’ License).

What is meant by company owned vehicles?

Briefly, vehicles owned by Companies which have the Company’s name and address printed at the side of both doors are termed as “Company owned vehicles”.

Only those who have procured the G.D.L. license can drive the above said vehicles.

To explain the matter further, Companies that own either vans or cars to ferry goods or items belonging to the Company will be issued with Permit A, wheres individual or persons conducting their own businesses can transport their goods and they will be given a Permit C.

In this short article, attempts will be made to explain how to achieve the G.D.L. License.

Vocational licenses for taxis (P.S.V) and use will be dealt with at a later stage.

Maybe there are amongst you who wish to know the requirements needed to apply for the G.D.L. License.

The requirement needed are:

i) posses the C.D.L. (D) for cars. As such, this License is not intended for P.D.L. (Learners or “P” Probationary) license holders.

ii) applicants must be 21 or above.

iii) possess good health.

iv) should be citizens or permanent residents.

Generally, non citizens as in Indonesians or Singaporeans are prohibited from applying for it.

The logic behind this decision is the fear that these people might provide stiff competition to locals who are out to conduct small time businesses.

v) Applicants must fill Borong JPJ L8A.

vi) Applicants must also fill JPJ L12 (Yellow).

Photostat copies of your identity card and Driving License are required.

JPJ L8A requires a Panel doctor’s examination of your health.

Likewise, do attach an official Receipt or a Certificate Letter from your doctor.

The above documents will then be forwarded for checking and certification. If everything goes well, the most important being your license is not black listed, your application will be approved.

In the mean time, your Driving School or Institute will proceed to arrange for you to attend either 1 or 2 courses you will have to attend before you are asked to sit for a 50 questions test lasting 1 – 1 1/2 hours.

Normally, the first course is conducted by the Institute itself. It might last anything from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

The second course, depending on which Institute you are attending it at, might even involve an official from the Department itself.

Things like the Akta Pengangkutan Jalan 1987, the Akta Lembaga Perlesenan Kenderaan (L.P.K.P) and the Kaedah-kaedah Pengangkutan Jalan are most likely his domain.

The second session of the course ends with as stated earlier, with the 50 questions test.

To pass the test you will have to achieve 42 marks.

In certain places, results are normally announced 1 – 1 1/2 hours after the test.

In case you managed to pass the test, you could proceed to apply for your G.D.L. Payment required is RM20.00 a year.

Those not successful for the exam could apply for a Re-sit later on.

The test and courses mentioned in this article refers to my place only. In alternative places, most likely these are bound to be differences.

In your area do ask you institutes with regards to courses and exams conducted there.

As a whole, it appears the courses arranged for would be G.D.L seekers appears to have provide them with lots of benefits.

One thing for sure, accidents have visibly decreased.

In short, roads as a whole have become safer.

Vehicles used for carry goods have increased in mechanical soundness due to the 6 months compulsory test conducted by Puspakom.

Drivers who possess the G.D.L. licenses appears to be of better caliber.

All in all, the service provided by the transport industry is definitely one of a higher standard.

The direction to which it has flowed shows the Lembaga Perlesenan Kenderaan Perdagangan (L.P.K.P) efforts should be commended.