Lesen GDL Tamat Tempoh – Apa Yang Harus Buat?

Jika anda mempunyai lesen GDL yang akan tamat tempoh, langkah yang sewajarnya ialah membaruinya secepat mungkin.

Mengikut laman web JPJ, berikut adalah 4 perkara penting yang anda perlu memenuhi sebelum lesen GDL anda boleh di perbarui.

4 perkara penting sebelum membarui lesen GDL
1. Lesen anda tidak di senarai hitam.

Syarat pertama adalah sangat penting.

Jika lesen anda telah di […]

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The Process of Securing a GDL & PSV License In Malaysia

Goods Driver’s License (G.D.L.) is a driving license that is intended to allow drivers of vans and lorries to ferry or transport goods belonging to companies or factories from one place to another.

P.S.V. on the other hand means Public Service Vehicles. To drive a bus or taxi in our country, the authorities possess a law […]

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How GDL Drivers Can Help Reduce Accidents In Malaysia

In Malaysia, the public regards the profession of a doctor rather highly.

To become a doctor, one has to first of all study at least 7 – 8 years. Medical studies undoubtedly cost a lot of money. Besides all these, a person who intends to become a doctor must have good academic qualifications.

One the other hand, […]

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