How To Change a Punctured Tyre For Beginners

The Steps & Proper Procedures To Go About Changing Punctured Tyres

Prior to your car getting punctured, you as a good driver, should actually do a few things.

Check periodically, if:

i) You have a spare tyre that’s filled with air or pressure.

ii) You have a “jack”

iii) You possess what a layman terms as a tyre opener.

Item number (i) appears most important. In fact, you cannot do without any one of them above.

To attempt to change a punctured tyre on the road, be it in town, the countryside or even in the highway to Kuala Lumpur, is dangerous!

Therefore, to reduce the danger, it’s advised that you should ideally possess an “emergency triangle” or “cone” in your car always.

Unfortunately, in this country, Malaysia, it’s not an offense not having an emergency triangle or cone. The same also applies to non possession of a fire extinguisher.

Except maybe commercial vehicles like vans, lorries, busses and trailers, other vehicles are not expected to have an emergency triangle.

Although the 6 Hour Theory course, which a student undergoes at the institute in the initial stages, many drivers, in fact, know nothing at all regarding the procedure to change a punctured tyre properly.

As for ladies, being the weaker gender and mostly dainty, cannot very well be expected to perform the rather difficult task of changing punctured tyres.

But luckily, ladies can always depend on strong and muscular “James Bonds” around to help them. But the men, well, you have to do it yourselves.

In this short article, an attempt will be made, to show you the correct and safe way to change a punctured tyre. The procedures and steps are my own. You may or may not agree with me regarding it.

Improve on it if you must. And well, discard it should you feel necessary.

Today, we shall endeavour to deal with the punctured rear tyre. Upon realizing one of the rear tyre has sustained a puncture, you should immediately reduce speed gradually. Do not panic!

The correct manner to deal with such a situation would be:

i) Put on your emergency lights immediately

ii) If traffic is heavy, you can even put on your front and rear lights.

iii) Look for a level road shoulder.

Having stopped your car safely on the road shoulder, you can now disembark. The first thing you should quickly do is to place your emergency triangle / cone approximately 20 – 30 metres behind your vehicle.

Remember though, all passengers should disembark. Under no circumstances, should anyone be allowed to remain in the car. It is dangerous!

The next step would be:

i) Take out the spare tyre.

ii) The jack.

iii) The tyre opener.

iv) Screwdrivers.

Place the 4 items needed for changing tyres beside the road shoulder.

Next, put on the handbrakes. Engage any gear. If you choose to open your bonnet or booth, to warn other motorist, you can do so.

First, attempt to unscrew the nuts to your punctured tyre. As most cars nowadays have wheel cover, those will have to remove first. Use a screwdriver for this purpose.

Secondly, proceed to raise the car until the punctured tyre is slightly above the ground. The position to place the jack will eventually be learnt by you as time progresses. Ask your friends and colleagues regarding this.

The third step will then be to take off the punctured tyre and replace it with the spare tyre. All these will take experience. Remember to tighten each nut slightly in the process.

Don’t worry. As time goes along, you will surely master the technique.

Having replaced the punctured tyre, it’s not time to gently lover your car to the ground. You have now to tighten all the nuts tightly, to prevent it dropping off.

The final step would then be:

i) Put your punctured tyre, jack, tyre opener and screwdriver into you booth safely.

ii) Close / put off your front / rear lights.

iii) Disengage your emergency lights.

Free your gear, release your handbrake before moving away.

In the process of showing you the steps and procedures to change a punctured tyre, there obviously will be certain things which will slip my mind.

Don’t forget giving to your tyre shop immediately. To repair your punctured tyre, of course!

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