The Importance Of Road Signs To A Driver

A potential driver has to pass the test on road signs. The above test is termed “Highway Code” test. There are some 150 to 200 road signs to be learnt.

The road signs are divided into various colours. They are:

a) Yellow – Danger signs

b) Red – Prohibition signs

c) Blue – Directional signs

d) Orange – Road construction signs

Besides the above, one has to learn to recognize the various lines on the road. And police signs too.

Signs used by motorcycle riders should also be learnt. A driver should also know the various speed limits. The yellow box and zebra crossings.

The yellow line running along the side of the road and the distance where one can park his vehicle are all to be studied as well. All in all, there are a lot to learn. It is not an easy task passing the Highway Code test.

For those who are unaware, the Highway Code paper consists of 4 parts.

i) Colour blind test: 8 questions

ii) Section A: Traffic signs – 15 questions

iii) Section B: Defensive driving – 25 questions

iv) Section C: Akta Pengangkutan Jalan / Demerit System / Motorcycles – 10 questions

The passing mark required is 42.

10 Highway Code Test Passing Tips

1) Yellow sign indicating danger – When observing yellow coloured signs, it denotes danger. You have to drive carefully.

2) Red coloured road signs denotes “prohibition” – You are in fact not allowed to do certain things.

3) Blue signs indicate “directions” – Signs indicating location of towns and villages are in blue. Directional signs (arrow) are also in blue. Authorities claim they are clearer and can be seen from far away. And in all types of weather conditions too.

4) Orange coloured and sometimes yellow are signs indicating “roads being built”. So do be careful when you see them. There will be tractors, bulldozers, lorries and stack of stones around. Be cautious!

5) Green colour signs denote highways and expressways – On highways, the maximum speed limit allowed is 90 km/h. Expressway have a maximum speed limit of 110 km/h.

6) Signs used by police personnel – Learn up the various signs frequently used by the police. They will obviously assist you a lot when driving.

7) Signs used by motorcycle rides and other car users – Many motorcycle riders use hand signals. You should recognize them. Learning them up is not a waste of time.

8) Place where you’re not permitted to park – A driver should ideally know the places where there is “no parking”. The distance allowed for parking in some areas should be learnt.

For example, park 9 meters from a junction and corner. And also a bus stop. Park 3 meters from a hydrant. Other areas should be learnt by yourselves.

9) Single and double lines plus other miscellaneous lines – Single lines, double line, chevron and dotted lines are some of the important lines which should also be learnt. All these will make you a proficient driver.

10) Be well versed with some of Akta Pengangkutan Jalan 1978 important sections – Learn up that Section 26 (1) is to driver with no license. Sections 41 and 42 involves driving without care and dangerous driving!

Section 44 and 45 deals with alcohol and dadah consumption. Section 81 involves riding motor in illegal races or “mat rempit”. And the fine is RM2000.

Knowing all the above 10 things will go a long way in making you a proficient driver. And certainly will go a long way too helping you pass the Highway Code with flying colours.

So do take my advice. You will not regret it!

You can pass the Highway Code. The only thing is. You have to work hard for it. As the saying goes, “nothing comes easy”.

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