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Can Foreign Driving Licenses Be Converted Into Malaysian Driving Licenses?

A person goes to another country namely for 2 reasons. One is to work there. The other is to visit that foreign country as a tourist. Whichever maybe the reason of visit, the problem of transport will always be a major one.

Unlike in certain countries, like Singapore, Hong Kong and countries which are renown for their good transportation facilities, the rest of the countries will always pose as a problem to many. This problem could be overcomed if only domestic foreign licenses could be converted to Malaysian domestic license.

First and foremost, do understand that domestic foreign licenses can be used in Malaysia. Those holding Singapore licenses or Thai licenses can very well drive here when they visit Malaysia.

But the question many foreigners frequently inquire or ask is: Can foreign licenses be converted into Malaysian licenses?

Before it is forgotten, foreign domestic license can be used in Malaysia provided it has not expired. The driver should also ensure he or she has an English or Bahasa Malaysia translation of the license used. The assumption for this requirement being it would assist the authorities in their work.

To what I know, there is no test required. To my personal knowledge, I have came across the case of a Bangladeshi whose license was converted to Malaysian “P” License (Probationary Drivers’ License) status.

For your information, the above conversion was accompanied by all the requirements as had to be followed by Malaysian “P” holders.

As the above case took place some many years ago. I am unable to quote exactly the section under which the conversion was done. But vaguely, I think it was Section 5. Further reference will be conducted to rectify the mistake if need be.

What documents are necessary for conversion purposes? As usual, they are:

i) Use JPJ Form B-2.

ii) Foreign country domestic license which has been certified.

iii) Translation of the license in either Bahasa Malaysia or English.

iv) Embassy or authority which issued the license.

Some driving schools even Institutes when asked by foreigners if their domestic license can be converted into Malaysian license are unable to give a correct answer.

Misleading or vague answers are sometimes given. To prevent time wasting, most foreigners, who already have domestic licenses, prefer to take the entire test all over again, doing:

a) The Highway Code in English.

b) Practical Test Part II (Slope, Side Parking, 3 Point Turn).

c) Part III (Road Test).

The distance of the transport Headquarters in Putrajaya, the necessity of having to meet the correct officials to seek permission to convert their license to Malaysian one, are some of the reasons which lead foreigners opting to do their test all over.

This is most unfortunate – as by the (1949) and 1968, signing nations have agreed “domestic” license can be used in each other country.

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