Approximately 150 – 200 candidates sit for their Practical Test for cars (Kelas D) in most institutes each week.

Taking my institute as an example, some 25 – 30% of candidates Fail their slope test. These candidates will then have to repeat this portion of their test in the near future. This not only wastes Time but incur extra expenditure as well.

With this short article it is hoped will assist some of you candidates to go through this problematic episode of the test.

i) You are given 3 minutes.

ii) Should you fail to go up the slope or your front tyres miss the designated yellow lines (which is as thick as your front tyres itself) you are given a second chance. You are allowed to reverse down the slope up to behind the white line (starting point) to take your second chance.

iii) Ideally, both front tyres should reach the line designated. If one’s car is crooked, then only one tyre will touch the line. The result is then you will fail.

iv) One should also bear in mind, that tyres should reach the yellow lines a 100%, 75% or 50% to secure a Pass.

v) Candidates putting their hands out of windows to ascertain their performance should under no circumstances reverse down the slope for their second chance. Let the tester be the one to give you the direction to do so.

vi) One reaching the designated yellow lines, pull up hand brake tight and put up your Right hand.

vii) The tester will then ask your name and your number (each student is given a number during the test).

viii) When the tester then gives you the permission to proceed up the slope, accelerate slightly, leave up the clutch slowly and when the car begins to jerk, accelerate a bit more, release the hand brake and go up slope.

If you fail to go up the slope, then a candidate is considered as having Failed. He or she will then be disallowed to proceed to the “Side Parking” and “3 Point Turn” aspect of the test. The tester in charge will then request the candidate to sign the Computer Test form.

However, failing this section, does not mean you have failed the entire test. You will then proceed for Part 3 of the practical test, which is the Jalan Raya test.

Results of Part I (Slope, Side parking and 3 Point Turn) and Part II (Jalan Raya) are valid for 1 year.

Some candidate would like to change the venue of their test from one institute to another. It should be mentioned, you are allowed to do so.

Get the institute to attest your candidacy there, attach the required letter in your next test application to the J.P.J.

Do study the advice provided hereby. Hopefully it would be able to get you through the “Slope test”.

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