Malaysians must surely have observed numerous vehicles from neighboring countries such as Thailand entering rather freely into our country.

Likewise, in the south, Singapore registered cars and drivers frequently drive across Johore Causeway into Malaysia, especially during the weekends.

Do Thais or Singaporeans who drive into Malaysia possess Malaysian licenses? If not, why is it the Malaysian authorities do not seem to take action against them?

In case you don’t know, according to the 1949 and 1968 Geneva Conference, all signatory nations agree to accept each other domestic driving licenses in each other territories.

This agreement is intended to make it easier for citizens who travel to a foreign country less hassle especially when it comes to finding transport is concerned.

How does one ensure his or her country’s license is accepted by the authorities of the nation in which he is visiting?

First of all, especially where the Malaysian authorities are concerned, foreign drivers visiting Malaysia should make sure their licenses are translated either into the English language or Bahasa Malaysia. This is to enable the authorities such as Police, J.P.J, and other relevant authorities to conduct their duties effectively.

Foreign drivers visiting our country should make certain that their licenses are genuine and not fraudulent. In other words, they are not false ones.

Those holding fraudulent licenses without doubt, will get into mess of trouble when accidents occur. As you well aware, insurance companies tend not to honour insurance policies of drivers who hold fraudulent licenses.

As mentioned earlier, even our neighbor Singapore accepts Malaysian driving into their territory. However, those who intend to work in Singapore, for longer than usual periods, they are advised to get a special driving license issued by the Singapore government.

All Malaysians who hold the C.D.L. driving license are in fact authorized to apply for one such license.

For the above purpose, Malaysians can get a copy of their license at any J.P.J. offices. A payment of RM10 is charged by the authorities for the above purpose.

The requirements to get the said license are:
i) Original driving license
ii) Necessary photos
iii) Identification papers

and most certainly, the Singapore authorities will surely process your application speedily.

It should however be reiterated, that upon issuance of a new Singapore license, you old Malaysian license will become null and void.

As in most countries, the law in Malaysia does not permit one to hold 2 licenses. It is in fact an offense. Section 29 (b) of the Road Transport Act 1987 states very clearly that it is not allowed.

What happens then when a person working or living in Singapore has finished his contract of work in that country?

Not to worry actually, as there are provisions which allows a driver, using a Singapore certified document, request that Malaysian authorities to be issue Malaysian drivers with their former licenses.

While holding the above special Singapore driving licenses, drivers can drive vehicles registered in Singapore or even those registered in Malaysia as well without any problem at all. Well. That’s what neighbors are for, as the saying goes.

For those holding C.D.L., in reality a Malaysian visiting Singapore or even Thailand for that matter, can drive their vehicles into the two countries mentioned above without any problem at all. Your domestic licenses issued by the J.P.J. here are acceptable to the transport authorities over there.

For those who do are not aware, the Geneva Conference 1949 and 1968, signatories to this agreement accepts each other’s driving licenses! Like U.S. dollar, which is legal currency in Malaysia, Malaysian driving licenses are accepted worldwide.

To my knowledge, there are one or two countries whose license Malaysia does not recognize. Israel is one of them, as we do not have bilateral relations with that country concerned. As for the other countries, Malaysian authorities accept their driving license to be used in our country. But there are certain rules and regulations to be followed. These have already been mentioned earlier.

In fact, licenses from other countries or nations can even be converted into Malaysian driving licenses. This subject, I believe, have even be broached in earlier post. As such, it will not be brought up this time around.

For those visiting our country, and if you feel like seeing our all the lovely places more extensively, go ahead, if you own a valid driving license from your country, rent a car by all means. And have a wonderful time.

And why not? Driving licenses are meant to take you everywhere, isn’t it?