A “P” license has to be converted to a C.D.L. license within 1 year of its expiry. A “P” license could however appeal for it to be re-accepted. However, according to Section 29 (1) (b) APJ 1987, any license that is over the 3 years expiry period, will no longer be accepted for appeal.

There are certain criteria which would allow you to be able to put in an appeal.

1) Oversea Studies

There are times when a person has spent years studying overseas. In such a case, supply proof in the likes of registration particulars and college or university certificates. Proof in the likes of “air line” tickets could also be taken into consideration.

2) Personal Problems

Some people have “personal” problems which affects them to the extent whereby he / she is unable to make the change of “P” license to a C.D.L. (Competent Driver’s License).

You may find it hard to believe, but the Ketua Pengarah can take into consideration good, valid reasons put forward by license holders.

3) Sickness or Illness

Due to sickness or a serious illness, a person maybe hospitalised for a long period of time to the extent of not being able to take steps to change his “P” license into a proper C.D.L. Supplying a hospital’s certification letter to this respect would help tremendously in supporting your case.

If unable to secure the above letter, attempt to get a renown doctor to certify your illness or sickness may also assist to strengthen your case of appeal.

4) Prison Sentences

You may find it far fetched to believe, but some people do undergo “prison” sentences. This might prevent a person from being able to liaise with the Transport authorities with regards to the “P” conversion.

In this respect, being able to supply letter of certification by the authorities which made the detention order and where the detention was made would be extremely helpful.

As a license holder, you have a lot of reasons you might put forward to support your case to appeal. But the bottom line is, the Ketua Pengarah possesses the right to either accept or reject any appeals put forward. His decision is final.

Talking of the reinstating of “P” license, we should speak of C.D.L. also. A lapse of 3 years not being renewed, makes the C.D.L. Null and Void.

Appeals for the above license to be reinstated will only be accepted based on the reasons stated below:

a) Applicant being in a foreign country.

b) Imprisonment.

Unfortunately, no other reasons will be accepted. Submit documents of imprisonment and “passport” (if you are in a foreign country) as evidences.

Without these, the reinstatement of the C.D.L. license cannot be taken into consideration.