How To Transfer Vehicle Ownership In Malaysia

Posted on March 9th, 2010

How does one transfer a vehicle? Before proceeding further, permit me to inform you that Section 13 (1) of the Road Transport Act 1987 reiterates that a driver has to make the necessary transfer of vehicle within a period of 7 days after buying or selling of a vehicle. Failing to do so entails a RM100 fine!

But making a transfer of ownership can be rather a difficult endeavor. A friend of mine, Mr. Ong sold his jalopy some 18 years ago. Rather recently, Mr. Ong came to seek my assistance. He laments, the car which he sold a decade ago it yet in his name still.

The story has it that legal action now is being taken against him. The owner who bought the old car had not bothered to take the necessary steps to transfer the vehicle.

Anyway, this has resulted in a gain for my friend. In the recent rebate exercise, Mr. Ong went to the Post Office to claim his RM600. Believe it or not, he was still the rightful owner of the vehicle after 18 long years.

In my opinion, many motorists do not know the correct procedures to adopt when selling a vehicle. What they normally do is:
i) Sign the MV3 form.
ii) Provide 2 copies of their MyKad to the new owner.
iii) Hand the Registration card (blue book) to the purchaser or finance company and that’s about it.

They should in fact:
i) Inform in a letter to the Registrar of Motor Inland Vehicles (R.M.I.V) of the sale
ii) Inform the Police authorities of the sale too.
iii) Inform the insurance company of the sale as well.

Ideally, a simple agreement should then be concluded between you and the purchaser of your car.

In it, state that as from henceforth, you are no longer liable for:
i) Any traffic offences that might be caused by the said vehicle.
ii) For any accident which might involve the vehicle which is registered under your name.

The simple piece of paper, which represents an agreement, should ideally also be stamped at the Stamp Office in your town nearby. The total cost does not involve more than RM10.

This simple agreement above might not provide you full protection against legal actions, but believe me, it goes a long way.

But the point is, how many motorists and drivers know the procedures? And yet, how many more bother about the hassle?

Unless you are like me, who is very interested in all things legal, and who possesses a Registrar of Companies for a brother, I believe most people will not bother too much about the correct manner to adopt when selling off an old vehicle. This is where they get into trouble with the law.

Today’s article will therefore pay emphasis on how to transfer a vehicle. Yes, the steps are many and time consuming, no doubt.

But instructing you on the proper way to get a vehicle transferred from A to Z will be worth the while. It might very well assist you from being taken to court by some quarters, especially the law.

First, go to the nearest J.P.J. office. Get a set of transfer forms needed. The forms will consist of:
i) Borang Semak (TM3).
ii) Transfer of ownership form (JPJK3A).
iii) Form to certify new ownership.

Fill up the form and sign it wherever necessary.

The new owner’s identification card or MyKad have to be certified by:
i) An officer of the Transport Department.
ii) A Commissioner of Oaths.
iii) A Justice of Peace of J.P.
iv) A Judge from the Session Court.

If you wish to save some money, you could go to J.P.J. office. An officer there will help you certify the above documents.

The next step after completing the transfer form is to bring your vehicle to the Puspakom authorities. There is such a facility at Kampung Jawa, Klang. The working hours are from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Puspakom officials will conduct a 10 point check on your car. Ideally, your car should be in a fairly good condition to pass the test. Owners are advised to send their vehicle for servicing prior to sending them for inspection purposes.

Puspakom authorities will supply owners with a K5 certificate. This certificate will then enable one to do the transfer of a car with the J.P.J. authorities.

Inspections can be completed around 1 – 2 hours. Sometimes if delay occurs, it might take a little bit longer.

In case you wish to know, it costs RM35 – RM50 to do an inspection exercise.

Completion of Puspakom’s tests will lead you next to the following steps. This is known as insurance purchase. The new owner has to purchase new insurance in order to do the transfer.

Experience tells me, a RM8000 first party insurance will come to around RM550. However, scout around. Some insurance may charge slightly lower prices.

Having completed the insurance purchase, you are ready next to submit the transfer form to the J.P.J. for transfer.

A word of reminder though, the transfer itself requires a fee of RM100. You can pay cash at the counter.

Make sure you check your Senarai Semak to see all the relevant sections of your transfer form has been duly completed.

Armed with all the above forms, go to the transfer section of any J.P.J. office to do your transfer. You should face no difficulty at all.

Officials and staff of the J.P.J. are courteous, friendly and ever ready to assist you wherever they can. As a reminder again, the transfer fee is RM100.

Transfer can sometimes be done within the day itself. At times, the J.P.J. might need to detain your transfer documents in order to certify certain particulars.

That being so, the authorities might have to issue you with a photostat copy, duly signed by its officers for your temporary use. You will be asked to come back later for your new registration card or vehicle card.

To end this article, I wish to inform you that “middle men” demand as much as RM450 – RM500 for such a transfer. Should you think the amount is worth paying for such a job done, by all means, you could engage their services.

Considering the procedures one has to go through, my personal opinion is, “I think it is worth all the hassle a middle man has to go through in trying to get your vehicle transferred.”

He has to live also right?

If after all these detailed explanations regarding how to conduct a vehicle transfer with the J.P.J., you still possess problems, feel free to put your question in the comment section below.

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  1. kevin

    Hi, a used car dealer is buying my car. He says that we do not need to go to JPJ since he will sell the car after buying it from me. He said there is a standard contract form that both parties will execute.
    Is this correct to do. No loans on the car and he is bringing a bank check for the purchase price.
    Do you have any suggestions or recommendations.

    • Cikgu Yap

      In my opinion, the standard contract between the car dealer and his client does not protect you as the owner of the vehicle. There is no guarantee that the above contract will be honoured by both the parties. If that happens, who will then be the victim? You!

      The correct way is for the car dealer to ensure that the vehicle you sell to him undergoes the proper Puspakom inspection, followed by the transfer of ownership be done properly.

  2. John

    Hi Cikgu Yap, 13 Feb 2012

    I refer to your earlier reply to my question on the need to inform police, JPJ and insurance co as well as getting an “agreement” stamp. I would like to rephrase my question since your reply did not really answered my questions.

    Bought a new car and traded in the old one 2 years ago.

    is it TOO LATE to
    1) Do police report for the trade in car since its already 2 years?
    2. Inform JPJ for the trade in car since its already 2 years?
    3. Which JPJ department to address letter of notification to?

    Since the car was traded in 2 years ago I am not clear how does “an agreement” be relevant and what should the content be? It is a traded in car not sold to a 2nd hand dealer or a 2nd hand buyer. Please provide some insight if its relevant

    STAMPING OF OTHER DOCUMENT E.G. COVER LETTER (alternative to the said agreement)
    I have got an acknowledgment letter (JPJ reg card, keys, car etc) from the showroom where I bought and traded in the new car. The original invoice for the new car by the car manufacturer also shows the car regustration of the old car traded in car.
    Question: Since its already 2 years, is it too late to get the stamping office to stamp the cover letter that was acknowledge by the car showroom (if this can be an alternative stamping document to the “agreement”?

    I have already canceled my car policy 2 years ago when the old car was traded in and transfered the NCB to new car. Would’nt this be sufficient as notifcation that the old car is no longer my responsibility from the insurance stand point?

    If still need to inform the insurance company, its already 2 years, is it too late to do so?

    Where do I go at JPJ to check whether my old traded in car has change name? Is this allowed?

    Thank you for your patience

    • Cikgu Yap

      Even though the official Road Transport Department’s transfer form has been transacted, my personal experience tells me that writing to inform the insurance company, the police and even the RTD is never a lost. Many people in fact do not keep a record of the above.. Copies of the above, if kept properly in a file goes a long way to assist one later on.

      In the 1970’s, after selling off my vehicle to a finance company, I still received a solicitor’s letter instituting legal proceedings against me, I was lucky to still have copies of my letters to the authorities in my file. Upon advising the solicitors concerned that I was no longer legal owner of the vehicle, resulted in my not hearing from the solicitors anymore.

      Regarding stamping of your agreement, since 2 years have elapsed, it is my opinion that it is no longer appropriate for stamping anymore. The same applies to the insurance company too.

      With regards to checking whether traded in cars have undergone transfer of names or otherwise, the JPJ are strict and it is my opinion, they do not entertain any individual requests unless it is done legally, that is through your lawyers.

  3. Mostafa

    is it required to buy the new insurance? can’t the old one be transferred? or add the name of the new owner to people who are covered driving the car in the insurance?

    Thanks, please respond

    • Cikgu Yap

      Suggested that a new insurance policy is purchased. The difference between old and new is minimal.

  4. Uma

    I’m selling my car. Should the new buyer buy an insurance after we have done the change of ownership at JPJ or before? In the article above, it states that the new buyer should buy insurance after the PUSPAKOM inspection, but before going to JPJ. How can the new buyer buy insurance when the car is not her’s yet?

    Thanks alot…

    • Cikgu Yap

      Should you have no confidence of what I have reiterated, you are free to ask JPJ regarding it.

  5. MD

    Hi cikgu
    Are there no ways we can check whether cars traded in have been transferred name?

    • Cikgu Yap

      If you wish to check if cars traded into have undergone ownership change has indeed been carried out or otherwise, I fell you have to personally visit JPJ office. Only then will your request be entertained.

  6. LH

    Hi, i sold my car to the car dealer 2 years ago at Kuching before i back to Klang. But i received 2 saman from PDRM for parking Jan’12 this years. Then only i found that the car still under my name.

    I have sign all the transfer form before i come back. the car dealer just bank in the money straight to my account when im back with no receipt.

    I have call the car dealer, but they refuse to do anything. Just give me the new car owner phon number and ask me to call him myself. I have call for few months, the new car owner 1t said the document i sign is lost. Then said the car already change engine n JPJ not approve. Recently said later later….

    But the saman keep coming…even i already do a report at Police station and go to JPJ. They didnt do anythings.

    I wonder….can i just go JPJ to report the car as engine damage?

    • Ananda

      Probably tell the owner that you will report the car as stolen if he doesnt take reponsibility for the summons and do transfer properly.

  7. tan

    hi, i recently planned to sell my car to a second hand car dealer, the dealer wan to do B1 and B5 test in puspakom which charged rm 90, is it necessary to conduct both tests?

    as i read the posted comment by cikgu yap that puspakom check only about rm 40 only, and he asked me to give my car and car grant but not willing to settle my outstanding loan with bank in this month but will only do so in june 2012, realy need advice on this , thx very much

    • Cikgu Yap

      If the dealer charges RM90 for B1 and B5 tests, then it’s reasonable. RM40 is the Puspakom charges only. Dealers have to charge you service fees. With regards to outstanding bank loan, it’s up to you whether you are able to accept it or not.

  8. WIRA1997

    Can someone enlighten me the purpose of

    1) JPJ Borang TM-AB (Penyaksian Pengesahan Identiti Pemunya Berdaftar/Pemunya Baru Oleh Pegawai JPJ/Hakim/Pesuruhan Sumpah/etc… )

    2) JPJ K3 (Borang Penyata Pertukaran Milikan Kendaraan Motor Secara Sukarela Oleh Pemunya Berdaftar)

    This dealer ask me go alone to settle with JPJ, the dealer refuse to do temporary ownership transfer whatsoever only willing to hand over full payment bankdraft and sign his version of Sales invoice containing the clauses

    “The Seller(Previous Owner) will make good to Buyer any damage that Buyer may sustain through any defect and dispute in Seller title and the Seller further under to refund all monies and any subsequent expenses incurred there on in case of any cancellation of license by register and inspector of motor vechicles of the said vehicles.”

    Is it safe to proceed the sales with him?

    • Cikgu Yap

      In PJP TM-AB, the new owner’s identity of the vehicle must be attested by a JPJ office of a Commissioner of Oath. JPJ K3 Pt. 1 to be signed by former owner. Pt. II to be signed by the new owner.

      It’s up to you whether you wish to abide with the agent’s request or otherwise.

  9. Myvi 404


    I am selling my car to this one party B and I have a loan amount to be paid…how do I go about the sales when I have the loan amount not settled???

  10. Andrea Chris


    i have a question, i have a kancil, however it is under my late mother’s name. now i would like to trade in the car and buy a new car. Can i do so since is under my mother name since she has pass away..

    • Cikgu Yap

      To do transfer of your mother’s car, you’ll need the death certificate, letter of administration and photocopy of IC. Hopefully the car agent can help you.

  11. Nisa

    cikgu, i have a question. my friend bought a motorcycle sometime around last year, but the owner has yet to change the ownership name to him. currently there is no way of contacting the previous owner and my friend can’t send his motorcycle to Sabah. any suggestions? :(

    • Cikgu Yap

      Locate the bike first. Then send it for inspection by Puspakom.

  12. Old Myvi

    Hi I’m planning to sell my 6 year old Myvi (loan fully paid) to a 2nd car dealer.

    The dealer came and gave a rough price and gave me 3 days to think about it. He said all i need to do is sign an agreement and all done. After reading all the posts above, I’m sure there’s more to it and worry about title transfer etc etc

    How do I protect myself and doing as little as possible in terms of running around. i dont mind paying the fees, so as long I’m protected.

    Please help!

    • Cikgu Yap

      I have written many articles on this matter. You are correct to say it’s not as simple as signing an agreement as the dealer says. Be extra careful or you might end up being cheated in the end. Get professional assistance if you have to.

  13. Tham Choon Hoe

    I had fully settled my loan and collect a letter from the bank. Do I need to go JPJ to change the owner or I can just safekeeping the letter until I sell my car to another party?

    • Cikgu Yap

      Keep the letter safely. Hand it over to buyer when you sell your car.

  14. WLN

    I would like to purchase a fully settled 2nd hand car which owned by my Fren which is a Singaporean. Unfortunately, he was passed away due to stroke.
    How can I do the transfer of ownership? Can his Sis sign on behalf of him & submit together with his death cert?

    • Cikgu Yap

      If vehicle is registered under your friend’s name, the death certificate can be used to transact ownership transfer. His sister need not sign on his behalf.

      • WLN

        What kind of doc I have to submit? Same as normal case?? I seek for help from 1 of used car seller to do but he dunwan to handle. As advise, JPJ will not easy to handle this.. Pls help..

        • Cikgu Yap

          Not any car sales agent can transact your case. You have to get a good and experienced person to assist you. Do read my article above carefully.

  15. dvian

    hi there just wanna ask >>i taking a car from my relative >.but the road tax expired ..can i just do a new insurance policy and get the car roadtax before going on with the transfer of name..?

    • Cikgu Yap

      Renew insurance under relative’s name first. Then get road tax our. Followed by transfer of ownership.

  16. YS

    hi, I’m selling my car to 2nd car dealer in Penang.
    The car dealer said I need to go JPJ to do the ‘Penyaksian Pengesahan identiti pemunya berdaftar’.
    Can I do this in any JPJ in klang valley without the car dealer presence? Or both me and the car dealer must be presence?

    He also give me an option to let runner settle the ‘Penyaksian Pengesahan identiti pemunya berdaftar’ on behalf of me for a fee of RM150. I was wondering if this is ok?

    • Cikgu Yap

      Confirmation of seller and buyer’s MyKad has to be done by either a JPJ officer or a commissioner of oath. Using a runner service might incur risks. Be careful.

  17. Etienne

    Hi Cikgu Yap!

    Thanks for putting up this blog and taking the time to answer so many queries. I would appreciate it a lot if you could help me with my situation.

    The scenario:
    * Bought a 2nd hand car 4 months ago
    * Car is still under a hire purchase
    * Need to sell the car as I need to migrate.

    1. Is the sales procedure similar to that of a car where the loan has already been fully paid up?
    2. Can you recommend a trustworthy, reliable and efficient “middle man” (Name & contact number) to help me with the documentation and the running around?

    Thanks so much, Cikgu Yap. Lookin forward to hearing from you soon.

    • Cikgu Yap

      Procedure of transfer differ slightly. Regarding, I can only assist you if you are in Klang area. If possible, settle your hire purchase to get back registration card and letter of discharge. Above will facilitate your selling of your car later on.

      • HP

        Cikgu Yap, I am in the Klang Valley and would appreciate it very much if you could email me the contact of a reliable middle man to help with the ownership transfer process. My car loan has been settled so it will be a standard transfer. Thanks.

        • Cikgu Yap

          I’ll contact you through your email.

  18. Shahbaz

    Hi Cigku Yap,

    Having a bit of a problem, I was an international student in Malaysia but had to move to Canada suddenly because of immigration. I own a proton satria that I am in the process of selling but since I am not in Malaysia physically the transaction is being handled by a friend of mine.

    How can I get the transfer of ownership to work out in my scenario since I wont be in Malaysia myself?

    • Cikgu Yap

      Your friend should get a good runner to help him.

  19. Nurul

    Thanks for a very nice article.

    However, i encountered some problems in dealing with the bank. I am currently in overseas, and my mom is helping me selling the car to one of the car dealer, back in Terengganu. She is the guarantor for d loan back then (Maybank Kajang). I believe all documentation w/ RTD solved, but the bank is not allowed anyone else except the owner to transfer the authorities (or something). So, how can I make it done? My mom is kinda old, and not really knows this kinda stuff, while the dealer is sucks big time. Please please help me on this. Thank you very much in advance.

    • Cikgu Yap

      I suggest your mother meet with the bank to make full settlement of your loan. In this manner, your family will be able to get hold of your vehicle documents and release letter, thereby enabling your mum to proceed with transfer transactions with JPJ.

  20. Herni

    Hi Cikgu Yap

    I have case whereby a car is registered in A;s name, while the car is fully paid by B (all prove of payment is there). Car insurance is under A and B name.
    Kindly advice how B can get the car to be registered in his name and what are the procedure. Please note that B is a foreigner and A is malaysian

    Kindly advice.

    • Cikgu Yap

      Your question has been covered in the article above.

  21. Sandy

    Hi Cikgu

    I’m selling my car to a company. Actually we’re half way through the process already. The company hired a runner but progress has been slow. I’m migrating in a few days time so I’m trying to rush through the transfer. The company has got the loan before Puspakom inspection. The bank is asking for the inspection report and waiting for the company’s downpayment and necessary documents before they can release the money to me.

    My questions:

    1) Are the procedures any different from selling to an individual?
    2) Who should be handling the Puspakom inspection – the seller or the buyer?
    3) I read that the seller must be present at JPJ to do the transfer. What if things got delayed and I’ve left Malaysia? Can I authorize my father to sign on my behalf should there be other paperwork to settle?
    4) When should I release my car to the buyer – once the transfer is done or after I get my money?
    5) When should I terminate my insurance?

    Thanks a lot.

    • Cikgu Yap

      Selling vehicle to individual or company is the same. Bank will give you loan only after Puspakom inspection done and registration documents are in their hands. Puspakom inspection can be done by either party (the seller or buyer). No, your father can’t isign on your behalf. I suggest you sign all the necessary documents before going overseas. Seller not necessary to be present for transfer purposes. Insurance can be terminated once Puspakom inspection is finalised and transfer can be transacted.

  22. Gabriel

    Hi Cikgu Yap,

    What if the owner of the vehicle is already deceased and the his grandson wants to change it to his name since he is the only one in the family who can ride and the grandfather passed away without a will. How do we solve this? Kindly please advice. Thank you very much.

    • Cikgu Yap

      You will need a will ideally.

  23. Als

    Hi Cikgu Yap,

    I am going to trade in my old car. As I know some agent would not transfer my old car to their company name until they find someone to buy my old car. In this case, besides S&P, anything i can do to prevent bad thing happen in the future?

    Kevin has similar case to mine. In our case, sending S&P and stamping vehicle sales agreement to JPJ, Police, and Insurance company would help?

    Thank you.

    • Cikgu Yap

      Most car agents do not bother to transfer cars sold to them. Sales agreement are of little use. It may help you to a certain degree though.

  24. bro

    Cikgu Yap, if i want to transfer a vehicle where the registered name is already deceased, do i leave the signature of the current owner in the JPJ K3A form blank or someone needs to sign? Im buying a car from someone, but the car is still under his deceased mother’s name. Since im not a family member, will there be any complications.

    Maybe you can explain the steps in filling the JPJ K3A form completely in case of transferring from a deceased owner.


    • Cikgu Yap

      You’ll need a death certificate to assist in your transfer. Transferring a car in your circumstances will always be a hassle.

  25. raggu

    hi, there, my car was auctioned in 2003 , but lately i found the car is still in my name , doesnt the bank should ensure the ownership is transffered . since its still on my name,can i take legal action on both parties.

    • Cikgu Yap

      It is my opinion that you can only take legal action against the party which bought your vehicle.

  26. jason

    Hi Cikgu Yap,

    Initially I own a car from my sister whereby it’s still under her name.

    I found out there are issues involved it especially on the hire purchase loan, as all the while I am paying the loan, insurance, and road tax

    Now I would like to completely transfer under my name included the loan and insurance as well.

    What shall I do? Please advise.

    • Cikgu Yap

      You will have to draw up a new contract for your loan. This will cost quite a lot of money. You will have to send your car for Puspakom test. Fee charged by middlemen can come to some RM400-RM500.

      In buying new insurance under your name, you’ll have no NCB, thus insurance will be very expensive. Think carefully. Is it worthwhile changing the car to your name? Best alternative is use your sister’s name for the time being.

  27. HSTang

    Hi Cikgu,

    Could you please share your experience with me?

    (1) I planning to sell my car to my friend whom has a car. Currently I still have outstanding loan , and he will sell his car to 2nd car dealer. So, what should I do first? And, for his part will be dealing with the car dealer and get loan from bank to pay off my outstanding loan. Subsequently only I will get the original car registration card from bank?

    (2) I have read though the previous blogs where I need to get the transfer form (TM 3, TM-AB and JPJK 3) and send my car to Puspakom for car inspection (Will get form K5 and pass to JPJ). Who should be the one paying all the charges? Seller or buyer?

    (3) the new insurance. The buyer will have to purchase a new car insurance ONCE the car title transferred under his name?

    Appreciate your advise!!!!!!!!

    • Cikgu Yap

      Ideally, your friend should first settle his loan. Then talk about buying your car. Charges ideally borne by buyer. After Puspakom inspection done, new insurance to be bought under new owner’s name.

  28. Alven

    Dear sir,

    I have face some difficulties of transferring the ownership. 1st of all, the owner of the car need to clear all the saman he had. We went to the police station and pay the saman den we went to the jpj. And the jpj ppl told me, that the owner need to go to the court becoz of , the road taxs and insurance of the car had dead.( i not really clear what he mean too) The point is, if the owner din go to the court, i will never can xfer the ownership to me. So now even he had paid the saman, and also renew the road tax. I still cannot transfer ownership to me.

    What shld i do now?

    • Cikgu Yap

      Transferring ownership as I’ve said, is always a big hassle. It’s not only pay up all the outstanding summons that counts. Court cases which have not been attended will have to be settled too. As such transfer of ownership still cannot be done yet. The seller and you must both see the Road Transport Department about it.

  29. Lim Win Hwang

    Cikgu Yap,
    I am buying a 2nd hand car. I understand I should buy insurance after Puspakom inpection; I would like to know (1) when should I started applying for bank loan and (2) what is the option if I would like to change the number plate. I have an older car, can I exchange the number plate of the two? Or I have to deregister and register a new one?
    Thanks and appreciate for your post!

    • Cikgu Yap

      Correct, after Puspakom inspection of a 2nd hand car, purchase insurance in your name and then submit all relevant documents to JPJ. Your old vehicle number plate is interchangeable with your new vehicle. You will have to meet the Road Transport Department officials for advice regarding the above procedure. When all the requirements you need is eventually met, then only can you proceed with the bank loan.

  30. Deepa a/p Nathan

    Last year my father passed away. I wan to change ownership under his name to my brother’s name. But i donno the procedures. Do I have to bring my father’s dead certificate? Where should I submit the dead certificate? I donno the place. Currently I am staying in Bandar Putera, Klang.

    • Cikgu Yap

      I would suggest you get a good and reliable middle man who does transfers to help you.

  31. Jose Silva


    Thank you for the information!
    I am in the process of selling my car, can you offer your services for this process or you have a recommended agent? I live in Mont Kiara, KL.


    • Cikgu Yap

      We do have a reliable person doing transfer services. As you are in Mont Kiara, we suggest you get the services of someone nearer to you.

  32. soma

    CikGu Yap,

    I was given a car by my company for use.But now the company has gone bust and the company and the directors are not contactable.I have been paying the monthly installment for the car since the past one year.The car is still under finance.How do I transfer the car ownership to myself.Please advice.
    Thank you

    • Cikgu Yap

      Only if the car is registered under your name can you make transfers. Should the vehicle be under your company’s name, you’ll need a covering letter advising transfer to you. Alternatively, if the car is still under loan, you will also require a release letter from banker or finance company.

      • soma

        Thank you Cikgu Yap

      • soma

        1.Could you advice on what should be the contents of the covering letter from the company to be legally acceptable to JPJ to effect the transfer.?
        2.I have been paying the monthly installments to the finance since 1 year.Now I wish to change the ownership into my name and continue paying the installments to the finance company until settlement. or

        3.Can I get the transfer letter from my company now,continue paying the finance and only transfer the car into my name with JPJ after final settlement with the finance company and after obtaining the release letter from them?

        Bast regards and thank you

        • Cikgu Yap

          Ideally, a company letter head be used. It should be signed by someone of authority and official chopped. The letter of advice to JPJ should briefly read, “Our Company possess no objection of (your name) and IC No. being transferred ownership of the said vehicle.”

          • soma

            Thank you very much,Cikgu Yap.We appreciate yor help.

  33. Abdul

    Dear Cikgu Yap,

    Thank you for an excellent article and it’s amazing it is still “alive” after all these years. I am in a predicament and your opinion would be most welcome:

    1. In May 2005 my wife sold her Kancil to a person.
    2. She and the buyer signed all necessary documents – JPJ K3, Letter of Indemnity. We execute a simple S&P but unfortunately forgot to stamp it.
    3. Until August 2005 we still get letters from the bank for late payment. After facing the new owner, urging them to settle the loan and then transfer the name, we believe the loan was settled.
    4. Upon checking with the bank (HL Finance at that time) it was indeed settle. We would thought the buyer changed the ownership to his name.
    5. Sometimes in December 2005, we received some summons, so again we faced the buyer to change the name.
    6. Also at this time we made a police report on the situation to protect ourselves against future summons or any possible criminal act committed using the car.
    7. After the buyer assured the name has been changed and we no longer received any letters nor summonses, we thought all was done.
    8. Today, after 8 years! , we received a demand letter from MBPJ on unpaid parking ticket!
    9. I decided to go to JPJ website where we can check the road tax expiry date and lo & behold!, using my wife IC no. and the car reg no. shown that the road tax just been renewed in May 2013. So we believe the car name was never change.

    So here’s the questions:

    a. What is our avenue to resolve this? Can we go to JPJ and unilaterally change the ownership using the old K3 form? I still have the buyer Attested IC copies. Or can cancel ownership? Or black list the car?

    b. Should we make another police report? We still have all the documents (i requested they signed an extra copies just in case). What is our legal avenue?

    b. The issue is we don’t know where the car is or where the “buyer” is.

    Appreciate your kind opinion on possible action.

    Thank you very much!

    • Cikgu Yap

      Before I proceed to answer your predicament, allow me to tell you a little secret. Sitting under a rambutan tree in the compounds of our house is my son’s Kancil which he gave up using about 4 years ago. Inspite of many buyers wishing to purchase it, I’ve refrained from disposing of it. Do you know why? You see En Abdul, I don’t want what happened to my close buddy, Mr Ong, whose jalopy he sold 18 years ago continued to remain in his name causing him immense problems.

      Likewise, your wife’s Kancil sold in 2005, up til today is still in her name! In short, I do not want such a thing befalling me.

      Coming to your present predicament, what can you do about it? You various suggestions put forward by you, such as unilaterally changing the ownership using old K3 form and ICs in your possession, cancelling ownership, black listing your wife’s car, all not feasible. For example, to change ownership will result in you committing fraud, don’t forget that.

      Furthermore you yourself said that you do not know where the car or the owner is presently. Legally, in my opinion, there’s not much you or the JPJ can do about your on-going problem.

      You have no choice but to bear with your problem for some time yet, until the buyer decides to make a transfer of the said vehicle.

      However, the suggestion to make a new Police report against future summons and criminal acts which might be caused by your wife’s Kancil is good. Hope all the opinions I have given you will go on to lighten the burden you’re presently facing.

  34. Eunice

    Dear Cikgu Yap,

    Need your advice as my uncle is buying a car directly from my boss, so what should i need to do? any form that he need to fill in & sign? please advice as we are the 1st time buying car directly from owner.

    Thank you.

    Yours sincerely,

    • Cikgu Yap

      The article on transfer is self explanatory.

  35. Ang Ang

    Hi Cikgu Yap,
    I recently bought a car form 2nd hand dealer. I received the car 2 weeks ago with new insurance with me name, there is puspakom inspection result, etc. However, until now the geran not yet transfer to my name yet.
    I checked with bank loan personel, bank has not released the loan to car dealer. Also went to JPJ confirm road current tax still active till year end. And JPJ officer also informed me that there is a record showed that previous owner loan just fully settle, etc …

    1) Do I also require to renew my road tax prior bank transfer the geran ownership? I heard there is new rule starting July 1st, 2013 from JPJ that require road tax renew pior hakmilik transfer.
    2) Puspakom is 30 days expiry?

    • Cikgu Yap

      In normal circumstances, the car dealer will not transfer the car to you as your bank loan has yet to be finalised. Road tax matters leave it to the agent to settle.

      • Ang Ang

        Hi Mr Yap,
        Bank has approved for the car loan weeks ago. But according to dealer & bank loan officer, bank only release the loan amount to car dealer after bank doing geran transfer.
        1) Is it truth that now bank have to do geran transfer, not dealer anymore?
        2) Do I need to renew road tax after transfer done? Orig owner road tax expiry end of year.

        • Cikgu Yap

          Doesn’t matter who does the transfer. Allow the bank to transfer quickly. Your Puspakom inspection only last 1 month. Yes, you’ll need to renew road tax later.

  36. wawa

    My bro in law passed away after recently bought an expensive car. My sister can’t afford to pay the monthly installment. My brother is willing to buy it from her but only by way of continuing the installment ( which is under the deceased name).

    Is it permissible to do so? Will it be difficult for my brother to do the transfer of name once the bank loan is fully settled?

    • Cikgu Yap

      Your brother taking over you sister’s vehicle is a good suggestion. In a way, it prevents the bank repossessing the car. Continue payment as usual. Later on, your brother can find alternative ways to transfer the vehicle.

  37. alohamolly

    Cikgu Yap,

    Recently, i have transferred my car to my brother via the MYEG Voluntary Private Vehiche Ownership Transfer as he’s not in KL to perform the necessary transaction and the car loan has been settled.

    When he tried to renew the insurance, the post office said the vehicle is having conflicting name for owner on the car registration card.

    I like to check, after we have perform successfully the Voluntary Private Vehiche Ownership Transfer, isn’t the car under the new owner’s name and he could buy the insurance under his name?

    Secondly, do we still need to/able to(and what is the procedure) to renew the name on the car registration card?

    Kindly advise. Thank you.

    • Cikgu Yap

      I am not aware that a vehicle can be transferred other than through Puspakom inspection only. Most likely, the vehicle is still under old owners name. Make a check with JPJ immediately.

  38. Grace

    Cikgu Yap,

    My father passed away recently. I want to change ownership of his car to my name. The road tax going to expired soon. What are the procedures? Currently I am staying in Petaling Jaya.

  39. Chow

    Cikgu Yap,
    NO proper transfer to ownership Even to Distributor as trade in?
    Currently I hv paid deposit and trade -in my old car in exchange when new car arrive from car distributor(not 2nd had car dealer). I said transfer of name need to follow proper procedure. Now the sales man said my old car is schedule for Puspakom early next week and my new loan approved -I can get my new car end of Next week. For transfer of ownership form given is only JPJ K3 -2 copies and 1 copy of TM-AB-and I need to go JPJ to get them certified. However he said once the new car arrived and I left my old car to them -they will get it to JPJ to cancel it and I can get my insurance NCB refund. However, the distributor(sales person) said they will not signed on the transfer of ownership till they find new buyer.
    It look like we once paid deposit- we are at the mercy of the car distributor (as Transfer of car ownership not done when old car given to them? The only thing they can provide -is Bill of Sales- which I need to sign to said my car is in proper condition & a copy of JPJ cancellation of my car grant -few days later after accepting the new car.

    How any advice from Cikgu?
    Anyone else -feel free to provide your experience.

    • Cikgu Yap

      What’s promised prior to your buying a new car is not always honoured. In fact, that;s the way life is. You have to be ready to face reality. Nothing much you can do.

  40. Chin

    Cikgu Yap,

    My wife owns a Matrix, loan free, intended to transfer ownership to my son.

    What is the legal age to own that car?

    He is 17+. Pls advice.

    • Cikgu Yap

      At 17 1/2, your son can legally own a vehicle under his name.

  41. Chee hoong

    Hi Cikgu Yap

    Can you advise me what is the procedure to transfer a company car under my grandpa name to my personal name. How much the cost?

    • Cikgu Yap

      Transfer procedures explained explicitly in my article. Cost will differ from location to location.

  42. Wong

    Hi Cikgu,

    Currently JPJ implemented the biometik system, when i check with JPJ officer, they told me both buyer n seller have to be there because JPJ need to capture their thumbprint. But when i asked runner, they said still can followed the old procedure . Is it True?

  43. Women

    Hi Cikgu Yap,

    I would like to buy second hand car from car dealer. After see the car registration card and noticed that registered under company name. Is it worth to buy it? or any problem/issue or not?

    • Cikgu Yap

      Dear Women, Whether it’s worth buying or not, depends on your own opinion solely. If the company has all the documents needed to do a transfer, then I guess it’s alright.


  44. Soh SL

    Dear Cikgu Yap,

    i would like to seek your advice on what to do for my case. I have sold my car to person A about 2 years ago. He said he will do all the necessary transfer. so i already sign the transfer form. about a year ago i found out that he already sold the car to person B. Currently i have been receiving summons for the car. Then only i found out the car is still under my name.

    how do i go about this as currently person A nor person B can be contacted as they have changes their phone number.

    Please advice.

    Soh SL

    • Cikgu Yap

      No alternative but for you to be held responsible for your actions. You’ll have to pay up all future summons.


  45. Louis Wong

    My father passed away a year ago and now the motorcycle still under my father’s name. How to transfer the ownership of a motorcycle to my name, as a son. Thanks

    • Cikgu Yap

      Your idea will involve many problems and difficulties. My advice is that you refrain from involving it.

  46. Ms Bavey

    Dear Cikgu Yap,

    I have surrender my car to bank and car was auctioned by Maybank in 2012.
    Last year 2013 I received summons for this car and I immediately called the bank for clarification. The officer said we unable to contact the new buyer via phone (his number not active). Bank has been sent reminder letters to this new buyer but he did not respond to bank for ownership transfer. But they promised they keep trying to contact the new owner and will change ownership as soon as possible. Finally bank officer managed to settle the summon with JPJ.

    This year 2014 once again I received a summon for the same car. I called them and email to customer service I did not get a response or a positive feedback from them. I really have no idea how to settle this problem? Is it sensible, Bank can release the car to new purchaser without transfer ownership?
    I can’t imagine how my name would be affected if the new buyer is involved in any illegal smuggling or bang someone with these cars.

    Kindly assist me what I should do now?

    • Cikgu Yap

      You have to bear the bank’s fault. Also the summonses. Also inform them you might resort to legal means to solve your problem.

  47. Joyce

    Dear Cikgu Yap,

    Let’s say the owner of the car already passed away, can we wait until got buyer only do double transfer at JPJ? From owner to executor of the will, then to new owner? Possible?

    If it’s possible, how many times do we need to inspect the car?

    Thank You.

    • Cikgu Yap

      2x inspections. From owner to executor. Then executor to new buyer. Both inspections last 1 month each.

  48. LL

    Hi Cikgu Yap,
    I’m in the midst of selling my car to a private buyer. Will require your advise on the steps from here.

    I’ve settled the remaining balance of my loan with my own bank and the buyer has paid me a deposit of 2K.

    1. Now I’m pending the collection of the Hak Milik Batal which is to be issued by the bank.
    2. From here, I was advised by the bank officers that once I obtained the Hak Milik Batal, I would need to go to JPJ to transfer the title of the car to my name? Is this correct or can I skip this step and upon the sale of this car, transfer it direct to the buyer’s name?
    3. Assuming I did step 2, the steps are not clear from here.
    4. I was told that I need to get the E Hak Milik letter from my buyer’s financier – is this referring to the letter of undertaking?
    5. Then with that document, I would go to Puspakom to inspect my car and from the check, I would obtain the test report? Is this right?
    6. Once this is done, I will go with the buyer to JPJ to initiate the transfer of ownership with all the necessary documents.

    Can you let me know if the steps are in order – furthermore, in all these transaction, when do I actually get the buyer’s financier to release the money to me.

    It feels like I’m missing a step here and unclear on what is the correct procedure.

    Would appreciate your advise.

    • Cikgu Yap

      Dear LL, Read my article on ‘transfers’ for further advice.

  49. Eshvaren

    Dear Cikgu Yap,

    Thanks for the very useful write-up.
    Many will benefit from it.
    I need your professional view on this:
    I’m buying a 2nd car from my uncle.
    He have ordered a new vehicle and wants to retain his old number.
    Hence i will get a new number.
    I have applied for hire purchase using his registration card and also have signed the relevant agreement.
    So now, should we exchange the numbers first ?
    I read that if a person wish to switch numbers both vehicle must be under his name.
    However, if we exchange the number first, the will be a new registration card with a new number for the 2nd hand vehicle.
    Will the loan agreement be void?
    Kindly advise…the steps to be taken
    Really appreciate ur help.

    • Cikgu Yap

      As your plan is rather complicated, I suggest you see JPJ for further details. One thing for sure, both cars must undergo Puspakom inspections.

  50. Ooi

    is that JPJ have new rule that we need to cancel the road tax when we sell off our car?
    road tax is not transferable?

    my road tax will expired in feb 2015, the buyer need to renew the road if i sell it now?

    • Cikgu Yap

      Road tax still usable when car is sold.

  51. Athies

    Hello Cikgu Yap,
    Does this procedure also apply for all motor vehicles or just cars?
    Is it the same for motor cycles. I intend to buy a motorcycle from a owner and do not wish to go through any used vehicle dealer/s
    Please advice
    Thank You in anticipation

    • Cikgu Yap

      Dear Athies, Motor juga perlu proses pemeriksaan transfer seperti kereta.

  52. chan

    Dear Cikgu Yap,

    I have a Viva registered under personal name. My company (sdn bhd) wants to buy over this car. So I need to transfer a personal car to become company car.

    I just went to JPJ this morning to ask for the procedure. I was told that the owner of the personal car and a wakil from the company have to be presented in JPJ to carry out the process. That really chickens me out, because no one from us has the time to do that.

    I am willing to pay the runner to do this. But can the runner can help me in this case? What process (authorization letter?) or documents needed to get the runner to help me?

    • Cikgu Yap

      Dear Chan, Transfer procedures requires owner and buyerto appear personally at JPJ. I suggest you keep your vehicle. Do not dispose of it.

      • Chan

        Dear Cikgu Yap,

        Thank you for reply. I am impressed by your commitment in this blog.

        • Mr. Lau

          Dear Cikgu Yap/ chan, I also need to transfer a personal car to become company car. i just know need to fill the form JPJK3, TM-1, and TM-AB.

          what else document need to provide by buyer ( company ) (e.g Satu salinan fotostat Sijil Pendaftaran pertubuhan) to do the car ownership transfer? Thanks

          • Cikgu Yap

            Dear Mr Lau, The company could ideally provide a letterhead that is duly chopped.

  53. Ken

    Dear Cikgu Yap,
    I should have found your website before selling my car. Now, I have lots of sleepless nights.

    It started 4 months ago when I agree to sell my car to a car salesman. Agreement has been signed and a police report has been made. The report says that the settlement will be completed once the new buyer pays for it and in the meanwhile, all payments due is to be settled by the salesperson. Sounds OK to me.

    However, 4 months later, the salesman have not sold the car nor settle the balance loan. He have paid 3 months of installment and is missing the 4th month. Also, the insurance top up, which is caused by removal of NCD remains unpaid back to me. Now, car in under my name, loan remains unsettled and there is already 4 samans on my name with this car. I tried calling the person and text him but he just refuse to answer my text and calls. So, I text him to return the car and I will refund him his payment on installment or I will go to the police to report the car as missing. He text back and said that he bought the car and according to the agreement, he has done nothing against it. Therefore, he is not breaking any of the agreements. He then challenge me to take him to court on this matter if I am not happy about it because he said he is not at the wrong.

    Now, he again refuse to answer my calls or pay for the car. I truly need your advice on this, or do I need a lawyer now? Please help.

    • Sleepless night

      Hi Ken,

      Wondering can I contact you?
      I wish to talk to you, as I cant sleep.
      Did you manage to settle it?

      Can i have your email?

    • Cikgu Yap

      Dear Ken, ‘Sleepless Night’ has been kind enough to offer his assistance. Hope you’ll contact him to see what he can do to help you.

      • Ken

        I didnt get any reply from Sleepless Nights. Still need help here. Thanks.

        • Cikgu Yap

          Dear Ken, Looks like Sleepless Night is still in slumber. Looks as if he is unable to assist you. This blog would seriously advise you to speedily consult a lawyer to solve your problem. Otherwise, I don’t think your woes can end that easily!

  54. Ben

    Dear Cikgu Yap,

    I have recently sold my car to the used car dealer. By the time selling my car to them they straight away call up bank to check my car outstanding loan amount and pay me back the balance after the loan settled and early settlement refund.
    But I found out the used car dealer paid me slightly less then the settlement letter stated, I did call them up but they refused to pay me back.
    Is that a way I can still get it back in a source of legal way? But that is not a big amount.
    Thanks and waiting for our reply.

    • Cikgu Yap

      Dear Ben, Difference of a small amount, best forget it!

  55. Tony

    Dear Cikgu Yap

    My brother-in-law from Langkawi passed away recently. He was unmarried and had no children. His brothers and sisters have agreed that my wife, the eldest in the family, should take possession of his car. It is being looked after by a mutual friend in Langkawi, where it was purchased in 2009, until it can be collected. It is fully paid for. My wife has the registration document and a copy of the death certificate, but she does not know what she needs to do next in order to obtain ownership of the car and then to be permitted to take it off Langkawi and bring it to KL.

    We would be grateful for your advice.

    Thank you.

    • Cikgu Yap

      Get a good and reliable middle man who is good at transfer to assist you.

  56. Andy

    Hi Cikgu Yap,

    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom here, it’s really appreciated.

    I’m an expat foreigner in Malaysia, looking to buy a used car … I’ve found one that I’d like to buy and it turns our that the seller is also another expat foreigner in Malaysia. So I feel we are like the blind leading the blind trying to navigate this process!

    The latest info I can find is that the seller needs to take his car to PUSPAKOM for a “transfer of ownership” inspection (B5) … after which he’ll get the K5 certificate.

    The car is parked privately off road and is currently not taxed (or insured?), so he will need to re-tax/re-insure the car before he can go to the closest PUSPAKOM.

    He’ll then have to go to the JPJ and cancel the tax and claim a refund (pretty much the full amount given that it will be a brand new tax disc) … and then to his insurers and cancel the insurance (and again claim a refund on the balance).

    Is this all correct so far?

    Meanwhile, I’ll need to get an owner transfer form (JPJK3), and inspection form – Borang Semak TM3 (or is it TM-1?) and a new ownership certification form (TM-AB) from the JPJ and fill all these out (together with the seller?) … and all these forms are in Bahasa Malayu I suspect, so I’ll need to enlist the help of my Malay friends and colleagues.

    I also need to take out my own insurance for the car.

    Finally, together with the seller we have to take all the documents together with the K5 form from the PUSPAKOM inspection, and my new insurance note, plus our passports (and passport copies) to the nearest JPJ where we submit the application for transfer of ownership (which may take 1-3 days to process).

    Ok, thats what I currently understand. Have I missed anything? Have I made any mistake? And most importantly, given how complicated it is, especially being a foreigner, how much of the process can either the buyer (myself) or the seller have handled by a “runner”. I would suggest the cost would be very much worth it if some of the pain could be taken out of this process.

    At the moment I’m thinking I might just look for a different car instead, one thats being sold by a dealer rather than a private seller, just because they are better placed to handle the purchase/transfer.

    Many thanks for any advice you can offer.
    Best Regards

    • Cikgu Yap

      I suggest you only purchase a car from ideally car agents. You’ll face less problems regarding transfers.

      • Andy

        Thanks Cikgu.
        Best Regards

  57. Frah

    Hi. I am a foreigner who doesnt know much about changing owner. i am planing to buy proton wira from a friend but she still has insurance and road tax until august 2015. my parents are telling me that i should just buy and change the name when i am free but i have read somewhere that once i buy i need to immediately change the name withing 7 days or else i need to pay fine. i would like for ur advice in this case what should i do?

    • Cikgu Yap

      Get a good reliable middle man to help in transfer procedures. The 7 days transfer requirement is not too strictly followed though.

  58. Livia

    Hi Cikgu Yap,

    Thank you in advance to having this great website to advice all of us. I’m foreigner and i’m going to sell my car in Malaysia and i’m now living in US. Below is my enquiry:

    1) Can I authorize my family member to take care this matter for me? Do I have to get them the power of attorney letter or sort of authorization letter?

    2) I have a cash buyer who offer to buy my car. What is the best solution to sell the car safely? I still have outstanding with my auto loan financing though. How am I proceed with selling off this car? Do I have to clear the outstanding balance first and get the paper work done in the bank with the present of buyer or the buyer can directly pay to the bank with my authorize person present?

    3) Do you have any reliable JPJ runner/middle man who can take care this matter for me? Such as filling the form and do the submission, puspakom inspection and transfer the ownership at last? I appreciate if you able to give me a referral.

    We would be grateful for your advice.

    Thank you.

  59. vincent

    Hi Cikgu Yap,
    a foreigner who owns a car here in Msia needed to leave urgently due to work transfer and he sold the car to me. He gave me a letter stating he sold me the car and also hid passport photocopy and car grant. How do I go about transferring the car to my name? No outstanding as it’s an old car.
    Pls advised.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Cikgu Yap

      Get a reliable middlemen to assist you.

    • Cikgu Yap

      Latest transfer procedures require both buyer and seller be present at JPJ office during transfer proceedings executed.

  60. Chia

    Hi Cikgu Yap, I have purchase a new vehicle and registered with JPJ on 9 Jan15. Unfortunately, I do not like the vehicle registration number and I need to change the registration number. Can you let me if this is possible and the procedures?

    • Cikgu Yap

      Car registration numbers are not something to fool about. Think about it carefully.

    • Cikgu Yap

      Your present number you dislike should be transferred to another vehicle (say a motorcycle). The new number of the motor can therefore be used for your old previous vehicle. All in all, it’s quite a difficult process!

  61. David

    Hi Cikgu Yap!!

    Thank you so so much for the assistance provided by your blog post!

    I’m a foreigner who is due to leave Malaysia soon before my work project finished.

    Since I am unsure on the procedures.. and don’ t have the time to run around to do everything. Could you please recommend me a good middle man to help me sort out everything?

    I am willing to pay him handsomely for this service!!

    Thank you!

    Kind regards,


  62. Davindran

    Hi Cikgu,

    I got a issue here. I found a dealer who would like to take over my car (honda city) and he will pay monthly until the car been sold (remaining 30K loan). Problem I have is the car loan still under my name which affect my plan buying new property (house). How can I change my car ownership and remove my name from the loan and transfer to his name?

    Please help me out.


    • Cikgu Yap

      Avoid handing car to dealer. Get full payment first. Then ensure transfer is done properly! On your part, get the money to fully settle your carloan. Don’t be too over ambitious!

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