In a minor accident between 2 drivers, the issue can be settled in 2 ways.

1) Making a police report at the police station.

2) An amicable settlement among the drivers involved.

To go to the police station is normally a hassle.

It might take 2 – 3 hours.

Besides being fined, the guilty party can even lose his N.C.B. (No Claim Bonus) the year following.

So, between the above 2 form of settlements, you are advised to opt for the 2nd one.

If you should choose to make a police report, both parties should go to the police station to make the report within 24 hours.

A compound summons issued by the police authorities normally amounts to RM300.

Pay it in one month or be ready to be hauled to court.

Compared to former times, where drivers can afford to ignore summons, today, with the aid of computer technology, the police authorities are better equipped.

They can now go after non-payment or of summons.

Within a month, the police headquarters at Bukit Aman will certainly send you a reminder should your fail to settle your outstanding summons due.

This would soon be followed by a “warrant of arrest” issued by the police authorities against you.

The expenses of issuing a warrant costs approximately RM200.

This figure will be added to your amount of summons you have to pay, making it eventually RM500.

With this detailed description, it is hoped that drivers will make payment or settlement of traffic summons more seriously.

Compound summons can be settled rather easily at any police department.

It takes only but a few minutes.

As reiterated, most police stations nowadays are computerized.

No paperwork is required.

Just bring long your summons and money for payment.

You are advised to keep your receipt safely.

It is best if you could keep the receipt in a special file folder.

You can never know when you might need it.

From my personal experience, a summons received and already paid, yet received a reminder from Bukit Aman.

Although online, such discrepancies still occur.

Prior to setting their summons, some drivers feel they would like the summons reduced.

Well, if you have friends or acquaintances to assist you, why not?

Especially the higher ranking offices, as A.S.P.s or O.C.P.D.s in the police department.

These officers are authorized to lower any summons issued.

Even summonses for minor offences have been written off by high ranking officers.

Pertaining to the subject of trying to get your summonses reduced, it would be best if you could visit the nearest traffic police department in town to have a word with the O.C.P.D.

Believe me, police personnel today are quite a friendly and helpful lot.

Who knows, the chief might even be considerate enough to offer you a reduction you might be too happy to receive.

Next, we arrive at the question of paying a summons via a third person.

Is this practice advisable?

From my personal experience, the answer to the question above is “no”.

Excuse me, but I feel this way.

It’s best you pay up all summonses due to you personally.

Friends may be friends, but where money is concerned, no one could be trusted with it.

So, take my advice, pay up your traffic summonses yourself, no matter how busy you are.

Lest it is forgotten, all accidents must be informed to your insurance company within a week.

Insurance companies, although are huge concerns, have a dirty habit of trying to disclaim minor incidents such as yours.

Finally, to all drivers, do pay a visit to the police traffic department a few days after settling your summons, to get your copy of the police report.

You might need it some time in the near future.

Again, keep it safely in your special file folder you have been advised to open up earlier in this article.

A minor accident nevertheless, but it can cause a lot of hassle.

So drive carefully and avoid going to the police station if you can.