Crashing into the rear or the back of the vehicle is an offense.

The law in Malaysia stipulates the driver responsible for the crash is the one who crashed into the car in front will be the one responsible.

Many drivers are not aware how 2 drivers can settle the above minor accident.

Going to the police station nearby is always a hassle. It may take sometimes one or two hours.

What do drivers do when a minor accident occur?

Drivers involved in minor accidents can do 2 things. They can:

1) Settle the problem amicably among themselves.

2) Go to make a police report at the nearest police station.

Remember though, a police report has to be made within 24 hours.

The driver responsible for the accident will normally be fined a minimum of RM300.

The driver responsible will also lose his N.C.B. or No Claims Bonus the year following.

In short, his car insurance will therefore become more expensive.

Meaning, he will have to pay more for his insurance.

Beside this, a driver is also advised to inform his insurance company regarding the accident within a week.

Do not ignore this advice. Many insurance companies try ways and means to disclaim or not to take responsibility of the accidents.

So it’s best you inform your insurance company, no matter how busy you might be.

Firstly, we shall deal with the problem of settling the minor accident amongst drivers.

After agreeing to the amount that’s payable, a simple but necessary agreement will have to be made.

Even though you are in a busy traffic congested location, you actually have no alternative but to draw up a simple agreement.

An agreement may sound like the format given below.

It you are an educated person, drawing up the agreement will pose no problem.

Re: Minor Accident Between Vehicle No.XXX 8888 and YYY 9999.

Place: Federal Highway                                Time: 2:30pm

The driver of vehicle No. XXX 8888, do hereby agree to pay driver YYY 9999 a sum of RM500 (Five Hundred Only) to settle a minor accident.

Signature,                                                          Signature,
Driver XXX 8888                                            Driver YYY 9999

Date xx January 2010.

Exchange phone numbers and license numbers if you feel necessary.

It is suggested that, as the one responsible for the accident, open up a paper file to keep this simple agreement.

Add in a few other important details regarding the accident should you so desire.

And now, let us move on to the second manner in which we can settle the same problem.

The 2nd way settle the minor accident is to obviously make a police report.

To do the above, you have to bring along your driving license and identification paper or MyKad.

At the police station, you will be attended to by a corporal.

The details of the accidents and your personal particulars will be recorded.

Next, you will be sent to meet a higher ranking officer.

After a short inquiry, the officer will make a decision as to whether you are responsible or otherwise.

Should you be found responsible, the officer will then issue you a summons, normally a compound summons.

You can pay up the summons within one month.

The next step, go down to the compounds of the police station to have a photograph taken of your damaged vehicle.

Ideally, you are advised to get a copy (which cost RM2) of the police report a few days after.

Inform you insurance company regarding the accident as soon as possible.

As regards repairing your vehicle, see your insurance agent about it or he might even direct you to Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (P.I.A.M) or its authorized repair agents in town.

Hopefully this short article will be of assistance to those who are involved in some minor accidents.