Dangerous Situation When Driving And How To Avoid Them

At times, we encounter dangerous situations when driving. A good, competent driver should be able to deal with them.

This article will highlight some of them. Hopefully it might help to avoid some accidents from happening.

Traveling through a road in a housing estate, we observe a car slowly reversing out from a house.

What ideally should we do?

Do remember, to most people, the act of reversing tantamount one of the most difficult aspects of driving.

With his head turned nearly completely back, trying to see and yet control the car safely out of the driveway is no easy thing.

So, permit me to ask you once again, what should you as a driver actually do?

The very moment we see a fellow driver in such a situation, co-operate by horning at him or her. This action will inform the driver of impending vehicles coming from behind.

You then have to stop, and allow the driver to complete his coming out of the house.

Be patient! Patient, they say is a virtue.

It may take a few minutes to finish he reversing, but your waiting and allowing for him or her, believe me, will earn tremendous respect from them.

That’s how a good driver should react to situations such as the above. Without doubt, a driver reversing out from his driveway, is held responsible for causing an accident if hitting a vehicle behind him.

Nevertheless, this recommendation of mine is well within your ambit, as a driver approaching from behind to control. Think about it!

The second situation is likewise similar to the first. Sometimes we cross a narrow road, with cars parked on both sides of the road. In such situations, you should not be driving through fasts. At any moment, a passenger might open the door to descend.

You will then have no time whatsoever to avoid the opening door!

Always anticipate such incidents happening. The best advice from me is, drive slowly, horn if you see a car passenger attempting to open the door to disembark.

This would prevent you being hit by opening doors. The passenger may be at fault, but it’s your car that’s sustaining the damage. Again, think over my suggestion very carefully.

Traveling on a highway, you eye over your right shoulder and sense the car on your right is accelerating fast to try to overtake you. A car in front is fast approaching.

In such a situation, you should actually reduce speed, fall back to allow the driver on the right to overtake you. Should you continue to likewise accelerate, the drive on your right side will have a slim chance of ever overtaking you.

And an accident might probably take place then. Driving is not just avoiding accidents alone. It is also how to prevent accidents as well.

Finally, time permits me to talk about yet another situation, a dangerous one albeit. I am rather fond of taking short cuts, through back lanes and what not.

But doing such things can sometimes be dangerous. At T-junction, just because it’s a backlane, many motorists or drivers fail to observe the stop, look, go policy.

My best advice to you is don’t do it.

Cars can come out, out of the left or right side suddenly. And believe me, you have had it. Ideally, in such situation, you should slow down to zero, look cautiously to both sides and eventually come out, negotiating the corner nice and slow after ensuring the situation is safe.

It may take a slightly longer time, but do believe me, its worth all the effort.

Repair works can be costly, especially in Malaysia! You don’t lose anything by being cautious.

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