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The Importance Of Car Insurance – Don’t Drive Without It

The Question Of Car Insurance A contractor, before digging up the road to lay cables, must first purchase “public liability insurance". Likewise, although many are unaware, a car should possess insurance, either be it 3rd Party or comprehensive (1st Party). Without insurance, the “road tax” simply cannot be issued. Failure to provide insurance contravenes Section [...]

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Motor Car Insurance – 3 Types of Vehicle Insurance in Malaysia

1st Party, 3rd Party and All Riders Policy To get your road tax, you require “motor insurance”. A vehicle without insurance, contravenes Section 90 (1) of the Road Traffic Ordinance ’87. Basically, there are 3 types of insurance: 1st party, 3rd Party and All Riders’ Policy for motors. Old cars normally use 3rd Party insurance. [...]

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How Much Car Liability Coverage Should People Get?

Not having enough car insurance can be the difference between financial stability and financial ruin. Legally, the most important coverage you can carry on your car insurance policy is liability. Unfortunately, in terms of consumer understanding, many people can’t quite grasp the concept of what this coverage is and how important it can be. The [...]

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