Car Maintenance

What You Should Know About EFI Engine

When I wrote an article entitled “How To Restart a Car That Has Run Out of Petrol”, my intention was to enlighten readers how to deal with one emergency that they might possibly face one fine day. It did not cross my mind, that there might be readers who might write in to ask a [...]

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The Challenges Of Buying A Second Hand Car

When you compare an average period new vehicle, for example a Perodua Myvi, which costs well over RM55,000 to RM65,000, and a 7 year old second hand vehicle, say a Kelisa, which can cost anything from RM30,000 to RM35,000, most people would, I’m sure opt for the Myvi. A new vehicle will obviously provide you [...]

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Understanding The Science Of A Car Brake System

Besides acceleration, braking system is the most important element in a smooth, safe and comfortable drive. The design of a braking system depends on the type and size of the car. The braking systems for larger cars are much more complex than average family cars. The first major component of a braking system is the [...]

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