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Using Malaysian Driving License In Japan

Can Malaysians Use Their Driving License In Japan? If you are an avid student of history, you would have learnt that the world has seen 2 major wars, the 1st World War (1919) and the 2nd World War (1939 – 1945). The League of Nations ended the first one. While the Geneva Conference 1949, the [...]

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Demerit System Malaysia – How Your Points Are Deducted

First of all, the Kejara System or the Demerit system adopted by the Road Transport Department at Putrajaya, mainly involves 2 categories of drivers only. i) “P” or new drivers who have just received their licenses. ii) Competent Driver Licenses (C.D.L.) or passed drivers. Learners Driver License or “L” drivers, being temporary license holders are [...]

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