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Malaysian Boy Fights For His Life After Crash

A boy, Danial Gabrail Abdullah, who will turn 5 in December, suffered serious injuries in an accident in Saujana Puchong, Selangor on Saturday. Danial was reported to have suffered a cracked skull, internal brain hemorrhage and a broken ankle. I am not surprised that many drivers nowadays, especially new and, young and those who have [...]

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Toyota Motors Deems Recall A Good Lesson After All

It was reported recently that Toyota Motors Corporation has regarded its recent recall of millions of vehicles worldwide as a good lesson after all. According to the world’s largest automaker, there exists a proverb in Japanese which says, “After the rain, the ground hardens”. It is like we say in English, “It’s a blessing in [...]

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Using CCTV to Catch Bad Malaysian Drivers

If I am not mistaken, this blog of mine, or rather should I say, "ours”, as it was initiated by my son in April 2009. Today is its 14 months appearance since its inception. If you have been following this blog, you would surely know that I am Cikgu Yap, the driving instructor and the [...]

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