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The Dangers Of Overtaking Vehicles On The Left

What do drivers in England, New Zealand, Australia, India and Malaysia have in common? First of all, drivers in the above mentioned countries drive on the “left” hand side of the road. Therefore when a driver intends to overtake another vehicle, they overtake on the right. Although one is ideally recommended to overtake on the [...]

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7 Health Qualities To Be A Safe Motorist In Malaysia

Although the question of “health” has been touched up on time and again in other articles, elsewhere in this blog, to mention about it once again is never a waste of time. “Health” may be an important aspect, especially when someone intends to secure a driving license in Malaysia. But unfortunately, not many are aware [...]

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3 Things A Good Driver Should Never Ever Do

To date, I have written over 400 articles for Driving School Malaysia Blog. I have in fact nearly run out of good articles to pen on. While lying in bed this morning, I decided to write upon a few important things that a good driver should not do. Hopefully, when these things are highlighted, drivers, [...]

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