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7 Criteria Of A Good Driving Instructor

Like other professions, for example, to be a teacher or a policeman, requires a few necessary qualities. To become a good driving instructor therefore is of no exception too. A few readers have time and again, written to this blog, asking what are some of the qualities one needs to become a good instructor. Having [...]

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Setting Up New Driving Institute At Taman Sentosa, Klang

Unlike other types of businesses around, the driving school or institute industry is strictly controlled by the Road Transport Department or the JPJ (Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan). Like a school teacher, who aspires to become a headmaster or principal one fine day, an instructor, I am very certain, possesses high aspirations that eventually, he will be [...]

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6 Things The Authorities Found Wrong With Our Institute’s Cars

Cars which belong to the driving schools or institutes undergo a 6 months compulsory inspection by the PUSPAKOM authorities. New cars, less than a year or two old, are inspected once a year. The Road Transport Authorities has not conducted a “spot check” on most driving institutes, although they began operations some 10 years ago. [...]

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